What is Camp Kulin?


Established in 2013 and located on the WA Wheatbelt, approximately 283km south east of Perth, Camp Kulin is quickly gaining national and international recognition for its innovative program, the first of its kind we are aware of in Australia.

We currently work with over 1500 WA young people each year, who travel up to 25 hours each way to attend the program. Our volunteer team, consisting of over 200 volunteers from across the country aged 16-76 years of age donate over $350,000 of their time each year.

The Camp Kulin program includes activities general camps open to any child in WA, scholarship camps for children affected by childhood trauma, corporate programming, school excursions and school camps.

While at camp, campers and camp counsellors learn essential life skills, such as leadership, respect, trust, self confidence, emotional regulation, perseverance, persistence, respect, anger management and communication skills.

The Shire of Kulin’s facilities – including the Freebairn Recreation Centre, Kulin Pool & Waterslide (biggest in regional Australia – 18m high and 182m long), Kulin Hostel, Community Hall, Tin Horse Highway and the many natural attractions the area has to offer – make it the perfect place to run camp and activity programs.

Custom built additions, including the first gaga dodge ball pit to our knowledge in Australia, giant human foosball, a sensory walk and low ropes elements add to the experience for our campers.

Parents, teachers and case workers have reported increased self esteem, self confidence and respect, better behaviour and increased school marks in children who have attended Camp Kulin.

Camp Kulin has been presented across America as part of a Department for Child Protection Churchill Fellowship our manager Tanya received via the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. This also gave Tanya the opportunity to work alongside the best researchers and programs of this kind in the world, and ensure that our program, evaluation tools and sustainability are world class.

The program has attracted the attention of Ministers at State and Federal level and has been spoken about in the Federal Senate, as well as winning numerous awards, including the National Award for Local Government, Premiers Award for Public Sector Excellence, Constable Care Child Safety Award and WA Children’s Week Award.

We look forward to our program continuing to grow, and making a difference to all the campers and camp counsellors we work with.