Both Corrigin and Kulin District High Schools have been without a chaplain for the past four years, and students are in desperate need of support. Camp Kulin is offering an alternative to a chaplaincy program so that students can access the support they need as well as learn essential life skills along the way. In addition, Camp Kulin also offers some out of school/weekend/school holiday support as well.


The Reach program is tailored to each school/student group and will incorporate a number of support elements including:

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • Small group mentoring
  • Before school/lunchtime/after school activities
  • Classroom support
  • Weekend and school holiday activities
  • Provision of links to Perth metropolitan and regional services as required (including counselling)
  • Support for teachers/administration staff

Activities used in the program will teach important life skills such as goal setting, goal commitment, trust, communication, perseverance, initiative/self-direction, expressing opinions and ideas in a group setting, listening skills, co-operation, problem solving, acceptance of oneself and others, risk taking, dealing with dear, respect for others, attention to detail, patience, coping with emotions, dealing with frustration, team interaction, anger management and conflict resolution. Many of the activities are currently used as part of the Camp Kulin kids camp programs, which have achieved long term success in teaching and retention of these skills. The program will address the same needs as a chaplaincy program would, as well as provide extra life skills and additional support for participants in and out of school.

“Camp Kulin have done an enormous amount of work at Corrigin DHS this year and their input is invaluable to the support we are able to give our students. Pastoral care has always been a focus at our school, although over the last few years it has not been a dedicated priority. Since Mrs Donna Spurgeon commenced her role at Corrigin, she employed me to be the Student Support Coordinator to work with our special need and high risk students. Donna has also made this an integral part of our School Business Plan because if children are not cared for, feel safe or have support systems around them they do not learn to the best of their ability.

Camp Kulin has since then also been an integral part of that support system. Tanya and her team have formed close relationships with our students, they are trusted and respected by students and staff and they always go out of their way to make sure their presence and time is utilised for the best outcomes for our students. Corrigin has a growing population of children and families in desperate need of guidance and support and Camp Kulin’s involvement on a weekly basis can never be undervalued.

The Camp Kulin team are extremely professional people and always conference Administration on the needs of our students and it is well recognised that the care they give our students is extraordinary. Not only do they prioritise their weekly visits, they also make themselves available for students and staff in times of crisis. Just as importantly they attend discos and presentation nights to build that relationship with our school population. Camp Kulin has had a very positive influence on our whole school community.”

“Having Camp Kulin at Corrigin District High School has filled a gap that we previously could not address. When you walk around the school during the week you can see the team from Camp Kulin working one-on-one with students who need extra attention, either for behavioural or emotional reasons. These kids eagerly await their time with Tanya and her team each week. Additionally, Camp Kulin have contributed to establishing more effective learning environments in the school, going into classrooms to be an extra ‘set of hands’ and help with difficult cohorts of students. This, in turn, helps to improve outcomes for all students.

From a social and academic perspective, Camp Kulin have made a significant and positive impact at CDHS. Their contribution, although intangible in some ways, cannot be overestimated.”

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for all that you have done at CDHS this year. Tanya you have put together an awesome team that gets the best out of the students. I love how nothing is a problem. It is also apparent that the training provided to your team enables them to diffuse many difficult and tricky situations. I do appreciate your support given in 2016 which helped provide a fun and safe learning environment for all students. I look forward to a partnership in 2017.
Camp Kulin Rocks!!!”


“Camp Kulin has been an amazing asset in my classroom in 2016. They provide students with emotional support and have had very positive impacts on their wellbeing in the short amount of time they have been here. My kids get so excited when they enter the classroom and will want to share everything they have been doing recently with Tanya and her team. My students enjoy the one on one time, small group team building skills and whole class activities. Tanya and her team are always are up for a friendly chat with staff all as well.

My class calls Tanya their “Principal of Fun” and her team the “Deputies of Fun”.
I strongly recommend that this initiative continues as I have seen such a positive impact in my students over a short amount of time.”


“We have been fortunate to have the services of Camp Kulin in our school for the last 6 months. The Camp Kulin team offer pastoral care to all students and staff if needed. The students have another person/persons to approach if staff are not able to help them. Camp Kulin has certainly made a difference and students eagerly anticipate their visits on a Tuesday.

Members of Camp Kulin attended the last disco run by the Student Council and this proved very successful. The team game sessions are enjoyed by all students as a way to wind down at the end of a term.

Camp Kulin are part of our team at Corrigin District High School. They are a valuable resource for our school and we would be devastated if the program were not to continue. Without the services of a Chaplain we need another avenue for students to receive the help that may not be available at home.

Thanks for your input in our school so far. May it continue for a long time.”