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Can you make a difference in the life of a child?

Camp Kulin currently has a long list of children aged 8-15 who have experienced childhood trauma, including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse or related factors who are waiting to come and spend a week on our Camp Kulin scholarship camp.

You can make it happen for them! $375 provides a child who needs it with a week at Camp Kulin.

It includes accommodation, transport, meals and activities for the child for the week. All child sponsors receive a letter from the child they sponsored following their time at camp, as well as acknowledgement on the Camp Kulin sponsorship wall.

Here’s what one of our child sponsors has to say about sponsoring a child to attend Camp Kulin:

“My partner and I sponsored a child to come to Camp Kulin. After having heard about the amazing opportunity from camps previously, I knew I wanted to help a child to come to one of the camps. I spoke to Tanya about how to go about it, and could not believe how easy it was.

Hearing information about the child that we were sponsoring made it so much more exciting that this opportunity was being given to him. The difference between the life of most children I knew and this child were unbelievable. Learning about the things that such a young person has experienced in such a short time of their life was shocking.

Once camp was over, we then received a letter from the child that we had sponsored, along with a drawing that he had done whilst on camp. Reading the letter about how much fun he had and all the wonderful things he had done on camp was one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced. Knowing that we were able to provide a child to attend something that they would not have otherwise been able to go to on was an amazing feeling.

He also wrote a poem not only for us, but to Tanya, all the Camp Kulin counsellors and everyone else who made his time in Kulin a memorable experience. Knowing that this camp has changed his life and made him a better person has made it worth it. The amount of fun he had whilst on Camp Kulin was obvious with how he described what he did on camp and all the friends he made and fun he had. We have since received further information about how his time at camp is impacting his daily life and how he’s been able to incorporate it (eg: knowing how to make friends, have enough confidence to join in activities etc).

Anyone can get involved with sponsoring a child. Businesses, individuals or even a group of friends can make a difference and help children such as the one I sponsored to feel welcome and make friends in such a fun, friendly environment. You do not have to sponsor a child for entire week if you wish, even for a day can make a huge difference.The main point to remember is that every little bit all adds up in the end. The children are extremely grateful and seeing the appreciation shown in letters, pictures and poems, knowing that they have left Camp Kulin a completely changed young person make it totally worth it.

I strongly encourage everyone to find out how you can help to sponsor a child for Camp Kulin. Help change a child’s life and I guarantee it will change yours too.”

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To find out more about becoming a child sponsor,

please email campkulin@kulin.wa.gov.au