Amazing Tips: How to Keep Warm Camping in Winter

How to Keep Yourself Warm When Camping in Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for campers, as it brings with it cold temperatures and requires a bit of extra preparation in order to stay warm while camping. But with proper caution and planning, it is possible to camp in the winter and have a great time doing it! As an experienced camper and a father of three, I want to provide you with all the tips and resources you need in order to stay warm and safe while camping during the winter months.

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Choose the Right Clothing

The right clothing can make all the difference when it comes to staying warm while camping in the winter. Be sure to pack warm layers, such as thermal underwear, fleece, and a coat for each person. It’s also important to bring an extra pair of socks, gloves, a hat, and a scarf, in case your body temperature drops. Additionally, you’ll want to bring waterproof clothing and shoes to protect you from snow, sleet, and rain.

When setting up camp, make sure that your tent is insulated. You can purchase an insulated tent or use a thermal blanket to help keep the tent warm. The thermal blanket can also be used inside the sleeping bag to maintain warmth in case you need to wake up during the night, as well.

Start a Fire

A great way to stay warm while camping in the winter is to start a fire in the campground. You’ll need to make sure that the area is designated for campfires and that you have all the necessary items to set up and tend to the fire. If you’re unsure of how to build a campfire, you can find many step-by-step tutorials online.

You can also purchase a camp stove to use in the winter, as it is a great way to prepare warm meals without having to build a fire. Check for available rental options at local outdoor stores and for camping facilities that provide camp stoves.

Regulate Body Temperature

Your body works hard to maintain a comfortable temperature during the winter, so you’ll want to regulate your body temperature by wearing layers and removing layers of clothing if needed. You’ll also want to stay hydrated with warm drinks and eat nourishing foods to help keep your body temperature regulated.

You can also use a hot water bottle, heat packs, and/or blankets to help keep you warm while you sleep. You can also purchase camping mats or purchase plastic to line the ground and help insulate your tent.


By following the above tips, you can stay safe and warm while camping in the winter. It’s important to always practice caution and good judgment while camping in cold temperatures and to always be aware of the safety of yourself and others. With the proper preparation and the right attitude, winter camping can be a fun and safe experience.