Amazingly Comfortable: How to Camp with a Roll Up Bed

Everything You Need to Know About a Roll Up Bed When Camping

Camping is a great way to connect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. For longer camping trips, it is important to make sure you have the right equipment and sleeping arrangements. One of the most popular options for campers is the roll up bed. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about roll up bed when camping.

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What Is a Roll Up Bed?

A roll up bed is a type of portable and expandable sleeping mattress. These mattresses are designed to be easy to transport and even easier to use. They can be easily folded up, rolled up and/or stored in a small space such as a tent, storage container, or camper trailer. They also come in various sizes and thicknesses, and can be easily repurposed for different camping needs.

Benefits of Using a Roll Up Bed for Camping

There are several benefits to using a roll up bed when camping. Here are a few of the most notable benefits:

  • Lightweight and portable – Roll up beds are lightweight, compact, and easy to transport. This makes them ideal for camping trips, as they can easily be transported to remote camping locations with minimal effort.
  • Comfortable sleeping experience – Roll up beds are designed to provide a comfortable sleeping experience, especially for camping trips where you aren’t able to bring a full-size mattress.
  • Easily stored – After camping, the bed can be easily and quickly rolled up and stored out of the way until the next camping trip.

How to Use a Roll Up Bed When Camping

Using a roll up bed is relatively simple. First, you’ll need to select the size and thickness that best suits your camping needs. For example, if you’re camping with a single person, a thinner mattress would be preferable. For camping with two or more people, a thicker mattress may offer a more comfortable experience.

Next, you’ll need to open and prepare the bed. To do this, you can either follow the manufacturer’s instructions, or simply lay the bed flat on the ground. Once the bed is opened, it’s time to make it comfortable. You can do this by adding blankets, pillows, or other materials to the bed to provide extra cushioning and comfort.

Finally, the roll up bed is ready to be used. All you have to do is lay down and get comfortable. In no time, you’ll be sleeping soundly and ready for the next day’s adventure.

Roll up bed for camping

Making a Roll Up Bed More Comfortable

Although roll up beds are designed to be comfortable, there are a few steps you can take to make the sleeping experience even more comfortable. Firstly, consider adding an extra blanket or pillow to the bed for additional cushioning. Additionally, you can also purchase camping mattress toppers for extra cushioning and comfort.

You can also purchase a telescopic mattress topper. These mattress toppers are designed to fit snugly around the edges of the mattress and provide additional cushioning throughout. This type of topper is perfect for camping trips, as it is lightweight and easy to transport.

Telescopic mattress topper for roll up bed

Tips for Long Term Comfort

When camping with a roll up bed, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience throughout your stay. Firstly, always make sure to sleep on the mattress topper for added cushioning. Secondly, you should always make sure the bed is in a dry and sheltered area, as moisture and wind can make the sleeping experience uncomfortable.

Additionally, you should invest in a quality camping bed to provide a comfortable sleeping experience for longer camping trips. Finally, if you have the space, you may want to bring along a camping chair or two to have a comfortable seat to relax in. This will give you a comfortable place to read, relax, and even take a nap.

Camping chair for roll up bed


A roll up bed is a great way to add comfort to your camping experience. It is lightweight and easy to transport, and provides a comfortable sleeping experience even in remote camping locations. With a few extra steps, such as adding a mattress topper or camping chair, you can ensure a comfortable sleeping experience throughout your camping trip.

Whether you are a veteran camper or just starting out, investing in a roll up bed is a great way to ensure a comfortable experience when camping. With the right equipment and a few simple steps, you can ensure a comfortable sleeping experience every time.