Amazingly Cool Tips: How to Stay Cool When Camping

How to Stay Cool While Camping

Camping during the summer can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting to spend quality family time with your loved ones. However, it can be quite difficult to stay cool when camping, particularly during hotter days. But don’t let that stop you from getting away and enjoying a camping trip. Here are some tips and tricks on how to stay cool when camping in the summer heat.

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Choose the Right Place to Camp

When camping during the summer, it is important to take into consideration the location you are camping in. Try to find a location that offers natural shade and wind, such as a wooded area or near a lake. You can also look into campsites that offer amenities such as electric hookups to run a fan or air-conditioning.

Choose the Right Tent

It is important to make sure you have the right tent for the area you are camping in. Look for a tent with a built-in rainfly, which will provide additional protection from the sun and help to keep the tent cool. Additionally, you should look for a tent made with breathable, UV-resistant fabric to ensure that the tent is light colored and reflects the sun’s rays.

Camping tent in field

Stay Hydrated and Wear Light Colors

It is important to stay hydrated while camping in the summer heat. Make sure you have plenty of cold water and Gatorade with you when you go camping. It’s also recommended to wear light-colored clothing to help reflect the sun’s rays and help you stay cool.

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Create a Breeze

If your campsite doesn’t have access to natural wind, you can still create your own breeze inside your tent. You can do this by setting up an electric fan or using a battery-powered fan. For extra cooling, try using a damp rag placed in front of the fan to create a wind-chill effect.

Stay Low

Heat rises, so try to stay low to the ground while camping. You can do this by keeping your sleeping bag and other supplies close to the ground. Additionally, if your campsite has trees, you can set up your tent beneath the canopy of the trees to provide extra shade during hot days.

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Take Advantage of Nighttime

The temperature often drops drastically after the sun sets, so it is important to take advantage of this. You can open up your tent and windows after dark to allow the cooler air in. Additionally, for extra comfort, you can hang a sheet or light blanket over your tent to help prevent the warm air from entering.

Time Your Outings

If you plan on going out for a hike or a swim during the day, make sure to time your activities accordingly. Plan to be outside during the early morning or late evening, when the temperatures are at their coolest. During the day, when it is hottest, try to stay inside your tent or simply take a break and relax in the shade.

Look for Cooling Products

If you are looking for extra ways to stay cool while camping in the summer, there are a variety of cooling products on the market. Look for cooling towels, wet bandanas, ice packs, and battery-powered cooling fans to help keep you comfortable while out in the heat.

Stay Smart in the Heat

It is important to stay safe and informed when camping in the summer time. Make sure you are aware of the effects of heat illness and how to prevent it. Additionally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly, wear a hat, and take regular breaks in the shade. Lastly, make sure to have an emergency plan and plenty of cold, fresh water on-hand in case of an emergency.


Staying cool while camping during the summer is possible with some planning and preparation. By making sure you choose a cool location, have the right camping gear on hand, stay hydrated, and take advantage of the cooler temperatures at night, you can ensure you have a safe and comfortable camping experience.