Amazingly Delicious: What Kind of Food to Take Camping

The great outdoors is an exciting escape for campers of any experience level – from first-time campers, to experienced backpackers. But the most important component of any camping trip is ensuring that you have the right type of food that you can easily carry, prepare and keep fresh during the duration of your stay. As a father of three and an experienced camper, I’ve come to rely on certain types of food that never fails me when I’m out camping in the wilderness. In this blog post I’m going to share my tips and recommendations on what types of food I take when camping, and how to make sure it’s enjoyable, edible and not a burden to carry.

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Lightweight And Nutritious Food
First and foremost when camping, you want to make sure that you have lightweight and nutritious food. Since you’ll be carrying your supplies and probably some of your cooking material, this means you want to make sure you are keeping the weight down as much as possible while still getting the most out of your food. Nutrient dense foods that don’t take up too much space and weight have always been my go-to option and staples for my camping trips. These include things like:

– Nuts
– Dried fruit
– Jerky
– Granola bars
– Trail mix
– Protein bars

These are all great options as they are lightweight, but also provide some of the nutrients that you’ll need while out on the trails and away from civilization.

Easy To Prepare Meals And Snacks
In addition to having light and nutritious snacks, it’s also important to have meals that are easy to prepare. No one wants to be out in the wilderness and have to worry about complicated recipes or intricate meals; the goal is to be able to conveniently and quickly prepare something that you can enjoy, without having to waste too much energy or time. Some great ideas are ones that you can simply boil and prepare such as freeze-dried meals, or that you can easily grill or fry without having to put in a lot of effort — like burgers, hot dogs and kabobs. These are all relative stable items that you can easily plan for and stock up on before going camping.

Freeze-Dried Meals

Things To Consider Before Bringing Perishable Foods
Bringing regular perishable foods is usually not recommended. There is a risk that any food that requires a constant cool temperature will spoil easily while camping, unless you have a cooler that is reliable and properly stocked with frozen items. In addition, if you plan on bringing any fresh veggies, prepare them at home and freeze them ahead of time so that once you’re camping, they’ll stay fresh and ready to eat. This way you’ll be able to preserve as much of the food’s nutrition as possible.

Frozen Veggies

Drinks Are Essential
In addition to food, don’t forget to bring drinks as well. Some of my recommendations include bringing a container of water, tea and coffee — that way you’ll have all the refreshments you need for any hot day that you’re out and about. If you want something a bit stronger, stock up on beer, wine or other beverages — just remember that heavier bottles can add a significant amount of weight to your supplies.


Utensils Are Also Essential
Finally, make sure to bring some utensils and cookware for your food. This includes plates, utensils, cups, a cooking pot, a frying pan and other necessary items like butter knives, a cutting board and a can opener. This way you’ll have all you need for both mealtime and snack time.


With all of these basics in mind, you’ll be ready for a great camping trip with your food and drink supplies! Remember that when it comes to planning for meals, it’s best to stick to lightweight and nutritious options, have easy to prepare meals and snacks on hand, and don’t forget to plan for drinks and cooking utensils as well. Lastly, make sure to check out this embed video for more suggestions about what food to take camping with you.