Amazingly Easy: How Much Firewood Do I Need for Camping?

How Much Firewood Do I Need For Camping?

Are you a nature enthusiast? Or a first-time camper? No matter which one you are, having a campfire is the best part of a camping trip. But before you can have a campfire, you will need firewood to fuel it. The amount of firewood you need for camping depends on several factors such as how many days you’ll be out in the woods, the type of firewood, and the size of the campfire. As a father of three and an experienced camper, I’m going to help you make your camping trip a success by sharing what I’ve learned over the years. Here’s everything you need to know about how much firewood you’ll need for camping!

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Calculating How Much Firewood You Need For Camping

The amount of firewood you need for camping depends on the kind of campfire you’ll be having. A small campfire might only need one bundle of firewood whereas a larger campfire could require several bundles. For overnight camping trips, aim for two bundles of firewood for a small fire and four bundles of firewood for a larger one. If you’re going to be camping for several days, then plan for two bundles of firewood per day. Keep in mind that if you’re camping at a campsite that doesn’t allow you to bring your own firewood, you’ll need to buy it from a local store or campground.

Types of Firewood for Camping

The type of firewood you choose will also determine how much firewood you need. Many campers opt for dry hardwood because it starts quickly, burns hot, and produces little smoke. However, it can be hard to find and more expensive than other options. Softwood like pine, cedar, or fir can also be used and is easier to find but it tends to burn out quickly. You can also use wood pellets and logs made from compressed sawdust which burn hot and long, and you don’t need to chop them up since they come pre-cut.

Also, make sure the firewood you purchase is local. If you live in an area that has been hit by a tree-killing insect or a wildfire, buying local might help protect the health of the remaining forests.

How to Transport the Firewood

If you purchase your firewood from a store or campground, it’s much easier to transport it since it usually comes pre-cut. However, if you’re going to be cutting the firewood yourself, then you’ll need proper equipment like an axe or saw and some kind of large container such as a wheelbarrow, bucket, or crate. Once you have the equipment and the firewood, stack the pieces neatly together and secure them with rope or bungee cords.

Tips For Storing Firewood

Once you’ve transported the firewood back to your campsite, it’s important to store it properly. You’ll want to find a dry spot away from the campfire and away from direct sunlight. Storing the firewood off the ground will also help protect it from rain and animals. Cover the wood with a tarp or blanket to keep it as dry as possible. You can also choose to stack the wood in an A-frame pattern for better ventilation.

Stacked Firewood with an Axe and Bucket

When To Re-Stock Your Firewood

Whether you’ve purchased your firewood from a store or cut it yourself, it’s important to check on it regularly and re-stock when necessary. You’ll want to keep it a few feet away from the fire and cover it with a tarp or blanket to protect it from rain and animals. If the firewood is damp, you’ll need to replenish it with dry wood so it will burn properly. Check on your firewood during the day and night to make sure it’s not running low.

Firewood vs Charcoal

When it comes to camping, the debate between firewood vs charcoal can be passionate. Those who prefer firewood swear by its natural smell and flavor whereas those who prefer charcoal love that it’s easier to clean up without the mess of ashes. The decision is ultimately up to you, but remember to pack plenty of firewood or charcoal (whichever you prefer) for your camping trip!

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No matter how many nights you’re camping or which type of firewood you choose, following these tips will help ensure your camping trip is a success. Firewood is essential for camping, but with a little planning and preparation, you can determine the exact amount you’ll need. Good luck and happy camping!

Firewood Piled High in Cooler


Need firewood for your next camping trip? Now you know what to consider and how to calculate the amount of firewood you need. You can also pick up firewood from your local store or purchase pre-cut or pre-packaged firewood. Remember to check on your firewood often, make sure it’s dry, and use a tarp or blanket to keep it covered when not in use.

Packed Firewood, Axe and Bucket in Wilderness