Amazingly Easy: How to Cook Eggs While Camping

How to Cook Eggs While Camping: A Guide For Everyone

Staring into the starry night skies with the soft crackle of a campfire, every camper’s thoughts turn to one thing: a delicious, healthy meal to cook for their family. But what if your children don’t like the campfire cuisine? What then? You can always count on eggs! Whether boiled, scrambled, fried, or even poached, eggs remain a quick, easy-to-cook, nutritious meal that can satisfy everyone. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about cooking eggs while camping, so you can start enjoying a richer camping experience that doesn’t sacrifice quality for convenience.

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Things to Consider Before Cooking

Cooking while camping has its own unique difficulties. Whether you’re in a rustic campground or roughing it in the backcountry, there are some things you need to consider before you make your next meal.

  • What sort of items do you have to cook with? Can you cook on an open campfire, or are you using a backpacking stove?
  • Do you have plenty of ingredients to cook with, and do you have a cool area to store them?
  • What type of fuel source do you have?
  • Do you have any recipes that you would like to try while camping?

Boiled Eggs

If you’re in need of something to whip up quickly, boiled eggs are the perfect option. Not only are they convenient and quick, but they’re also a great source of protein. All you need is eggs and boiling water.

If you’re using a campfire, simply set up a metal or solid glass container above the flames and put the eggs inside. Fill the container with water so that the eggs are covered. You will need to keep the container above the fire for a few minutes while it boils. Once the water is boiling, let the eggs cook for the amount time recommended for fully cooked eggs.

boiling eggs over campfire

If you’re using a camping stove, it’s even easier. Just put your eggs in boiling water and set the timer for the amount of time recommended for cooking them to your preferred toughness.

Fried Eggs

Fried eggs are a real treat while camping. They’re delicious when eaten on their own, or when combined with cheese, vegetables, and other ingredients for a heartier meal. All you need is eggs, oil, and a heat source.

To make this delicious campfire meal, you can either use a solid metal pan or a metal camping skillet that you set up above the fire. Once you’re set up, heat the oil until it starts to shimmer and crackle. Crack your eggs carefully into the skillet, and then cook them until the whites are set and the yolks reach your desired doneness. Be careful not to overcook them, and take your time so the yolks don’t break. Place the eggs on some toast or other sides and you’ve just made yourself a delicious camping meal.

Fried eggs over campfire

Scrambled Eggs

Look no further for a protein-packed breakfast! Scrambled eggs are a great choice for any kind of camping trip. It is simple to make, especially if you are using a kitchen stove. Depending on how many people you are feeding, you will need a skillet, melted butter, eggs, salt, and pepper.

Firstly, crack the desired amount of eggs into a bowl and beat them with a fork, whisk, or some other utensil until they become a consistent yellow color. Add a little bit of salt and pepper for flavor. Place a skillet over medium heat and add in the butter and eggs. Use a wooden spoon to continually stir the eggs for about 5-10 minutes, or until they are cooked to your preferred doneness. Serve the scrambled eggs with any type of side you like, and enjoy your delicious breakfast.

scrambled eggs over campfire

Poached Eggs

Poached eggs, while a bit more difficult to make, are another tasty egg recipe to try while camping. All you need are eggs, ice, water, and a shallow pot.

Begin by placing ice into a shallow pan filled with water. This ensures that the eggs stay cold while they’re cooking. Crack each egg into a cup one at a time and gently slip them into the water. Then, wait for them to cook. It should take about 4-6 minutes for the eggs to be completely poached. Finally, when they’re cooked, remove them from the pot and plate them up with some toast and butter. Enjoy your protein-packed poached eggs while camping.

Wrapping It Up

As a camper, eggs are a great, nutritious choice for any camping meal. You can boil them, fry them, scramble them, and even poach them, if you have enough time and ingredients. Like any cooking, the key is to know what equipment and ingredients you have in your camp kitchen. With a little practice and the right ingredients, you can make any type of egg you like.

Eggs are just one of the many things you can cook while camping. With the right tips and some practice, you can create meals that everyone at the campground will enjoy. But don’t just take our word for it – watch this informative video to learn more about how to cook eggs while camping:

Now that you know how to cook eggs while camping, it’s time to get out there and get cooking. You’ll be surprised at how delicious and filling a simple egg dish can be!