Amazingly Easy: How to Find Free Camping Quickly

Find Free Camping Easily and Enjoy the Great Outdoors

As a father of three kids, I understand the importance of a family vacation but the costs can really add up. But why pay for an expensive holiday when you can go camping in nature and still have an amazing time? Don’t let budget constraints stop you from experiencing the great outdoors, and just follow this guide for how to find free camping every time.

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Research About Free Camping Areas

The first step towards finding a free camping location is to do a thorough background research about the area’s camping options available. You can start by looking into county, state and national parks. One advantage of free camping in these locations is that they’re usually safe since they’re patrolled. Other options include green-belt and other public lands.

Another option is to look for private land that someone has left unassuming for others to use. You can find these locations on campsite websites or online discussion forums from experienced campers. But be sure to check if camping is allowed at these locations.

Map of a number of free camping spots.

Check the Weather Before You Go

Once you’ve found an area to camp, be sure to look up the current and forecasted weather for your location. The trick is to assess weather for the next two weeks if possible. You want dry weather for camping since that affects your experience. You should also keep an eye out for wind predicting websites to know if the place is going to be breezy during the day.

Man checking the weather on a laptop.

Pack All Necessary Supplies

Before setting off on your adventure, be sure to pack all necessary supplies like tents, water, food, essential camping gear and a survival kit. Don’t forget to stuff your car with bedding, bug spray, trash bags, lanterns and flashlights. There are times when you may have to pay extra for dump points, showers and for communities that provide services like refill centers for fresh drinking water.

Essential camping supplies that should be packed.

Drive to the Free Campsite

The next step is to map out your route to the free campsite. Go online and download any apps that may be available to help you find out information about the camping area. You can also try out the AllStays app as it helps you search for different kinds of free campsites from public to private land. To get accurate directions, use a trusted navigation tool like Google Maps and remember to bring offline maps or a GPS.

Now that you know how to find free camping, it’s time to have an enjoyable and stress-free time. Pack your things and drive to your dream destination to enjoy the great outdoors.