Amazingly Easy: How to Make Fire Starters for Camping


Camping is a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors, explore new places and make lifelong memories. An enjoyable camping experience can be increased further by taking the right gear and being prepared for what nature throws at you. One essential part of camping is the ability to start a fire safely and easily. Fire starters can simplify the process, making it quicker, safer and less effort.

In this blog post, we will discuss in detail how to make your own fire starters for your next camping trip. We will look at the materials you need, the tools and methods to use to make them, and provide some tips for lighting and keeping your fire going.


The materials you need for a fire starter are largely upcycled materials from around the home, which makes this project very economical. You will need:

– Wax: Any wax will work, such as paraffin wax, leftover after-dinner candles or used wax melts.
– Dryer lint (from the lint trap of your dryer)
– Cardboard egg cartons (or any other cardboard container, such as ice cube trays)
– Cotton balls
– Bags of sawdust
– Charcoal briquettes
– Sticks or twigs
– Newspaper


To make your fire starters, you will need the following tools:

– A pot
– A stovetop
– A wooden spoon
– Metal tongs or a pair of shears
– A screwdriver
– A pair of scissors
– A large bowl


1. Begin by melting the wax using the pot and stove over medium-high heat.
2. Once the wax is melted, add in your dryer lint, cotton balls and sawdust to the pot. Stir until all the ingredients have blended.
3. Cut your cardboard egg cartons or other containers into individual cups.
4. Using the metal tongs or a pair of scissors, fill the individual cups with the wax mixture. Allow to cool for about twenty minutes.
5. Take a stick or twig and dip one end into the wax mixture. Make sure that it is completely saturated, as this will help your fire starters to burn for longer.
6. Now, using the screwdriver, carefully poke a hole into the wax mixture in each of the cups. Place the stick in the hole and press it firmly into the wax. Allow to cool again for about five minutes.
7. Place the charcoal briquettes into the large bowl and add the pieces of newspaper to the briquettes.
8. Take a pair of scissors and cut the paper into strips.
9. Add the strips of paper to the wax-covered sticks and press firmly into the wax. Allow to cool for another five minutes.

Tips for Lighting and Keeping Fire Going

Once your fire starters are made, you’ll want to make sure they light up the fire quickly and keep it burning. Here are some tips to help you get the fire going and keep it burning:

– Place your fire starter at the bottom of the fire pit and add some kindling on top. The kindling will help the fire starter catch fire much quicker.

– Use a long match or a fire starter stick to light up the fire starter. Make sure to keep the flame going until the kindling catches fire.

– Once the fire is lit, add more kindling and small logs to help keep it burning.

– Don’t put too much fuel into the fire, as this will make the fire harder to control.

– To keep the fire going for a long time, add larger logs as the fire starts to die down. This will keep the fire burning overnight.


Making your own fire starters for camping is a simple and economical way to create a safe and reliable way of starting a fire. With a few readily available materials and some simple instructions, you can make your own fire starters for your next camping trip.

Follow these instructions and you’ll soon be enjoying a roaring fire in no time. Good luck and happy camping!

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