Amazingly Easy: How to Toast Bread When Camping

How to Toast Bread When Camping and Enjoy an Outdoor Meal

Camping is the perfect escape for a family, from work stress and everyday obligations, to a peaceful retreat. Although the idea of leaving the luxuries of home behind seems daunting, you can easily recreate the breakfast and dinner staples to get a taste of home. One such great classic food item—toast— can be made outdoors without much effort. With just a bit of practice, you can enjoy a tasty, crunchy toast at any camp site! To help you out, I’d like to share my expertise as a camper and a father of three with this comprehensive guide to toast bread when camping.

Before you Begin: What You Need

Toast is one of the simplest and tastiest meals you can have when camping—you just need a few basic ingredients, some common tools, and the surrounding natural elements. Here’s what you need to get started.

  • Source of Fire – This can be anything from camping stove, charcoal, or a campfire.
  • Bread – Ideally, look for pre-sliced bread, cut about 1/4 inch thick, to make it easier to grill.
  • Tools – You’ll need something to spread the butter, usually a knife; and something to hold the bread over the fire, you can use something as simple as a impale-able stick, or you can also use a grill grate (which gives more control on the toast’s crispiness).

camping bread toasting

Follow These Steps to Make Toast over a Campfire

Now that you have the essentials, it’s time to start toasting. Here are the steps you need to follow for a delicious piece of crunchy toast.

  1. Once your fire is lit, let it burn for a few minutes until the flames convert into hot glowing embers. If you’re using a camping stove, turn it on and adjust the flame intensity as you go.
  2. Hold the bread slices and lower them over the flames while keeping them at least 6 inches away from the fire. The goal is to achieve a golden-brown color on either side.
  3. Keep your eyes on them every now and then to prevent them from burning. You can move the bread around to ensure both sides have the same color.
  4. Take out the bread from the fire when done, and then spread some butter on it. Enjoy hot, delicious toast at a campsite!

man toasting bread in campfire

Tips & Tricks for the Best Toast Every Time

Grilling toast over an open fire may take a bit of practice, but here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get it right every time.

  • Create an oven-like effect by positioning a grate above the fire. This will provide more coverage as the exposed area of direct flames will be limited. You can also move the bread around to get more control on the toast’s crisping.
  • Make sure you insert the impaled-stick at least 6-7 inches away from the fire, and also keep flipping the slices in between to ensure both sides get evenly toasted.
  • You can make the toasting process even easier by carefully laying the slices onto a hot-grinding stone.
  • Smear some butter on both sides before toasting. This will make sure the toast gets an even coating of butter and some extra crunchiness.
  • If you have a camping stove that lets you adjust the flame intensity, start out with a low flame and gradually move to medium-high heat while toasting, to get a nice even color.

Safety and Sanitation Considerations

While you’re toasting at a campfire, make sure to follow these recommendations to stay safe and hygienic.

  • Always use a heatproof handle to move the bread if using a grill grate. If impaling the bread slices, keep it about 6-7 inches away from the flame to avoid injury.
  • Clean the impaled-stick before using it, as a dirty stick may contaminate the food with germs and debris. Alternatively, you can use sulfated-skewers to cook safe food.
  • Be extra careful when toasting under the grate, as the open flames lead to higher temperatures and can cause significant burns.

people toasting bread in campfire

Alternative Ways to Toast Bread

Toasting bread over an open flame isn’t your only option. If you’re short on time or don’t fancy standing over a fire, you can consider these alternative methods for getting toasted bread.

  • Camp Stove – A powerful camping stove will help you make evenly-toasted bread without any issue. All you need to do is adjust the flame intensity, and keep an eye on it till it’s done.
  • Solar Oven – If you’re camping out in sunny weather, you can build a solar oven using a cardboard box and some tinfoil. To learn more, check out this instructional video.
  • S’mores Maker – An electric s’mores maker is another great way to toast bread, although it may require you to spend a bit extra.

The Bottom Line

Making toast at a campfire may seem intimidating at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll be toasting in no time! With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to enjoy a piece of crunchy, buttery toast at any camp site. Just keep the safety and hygienic considerations in mind, and have fun toasting!

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