Amazingly Easy Tips to Sneak Alcohol into a Camping Festival

How to Sneak Alcohol into a Camping Festival

Going to a camping festival can be a ton of fun, but sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to sneak in the necessary provisions. While there are plenty of restrictions at festivals due to safety concerns, if you plan ahead, you can be creative in finding ways to bring in your choice of alcoholic beverage. Read on for some smart strategies to ensure that you can enjoy your adult beverage of choice while camping out.

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Stick to Low Volume Packs

If you’re hoping to sneak alcohol into a camping festival, lightweight beverages are the way to go. Stock up on single serving drinks such as mini cans of beer, hard seltzer, or pre-mixed cocktails. These small drinks are easy to transport in a backpack or purse, so you won’t draw any attention or get pulled aside by security. Also, opt for slimline options to maximize packing efficiency. Rather than bringing bottles of wine, swap it for small cans of spritzer instead.

Low Volume Packages

Hide Your Beverages

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of having to smuggle booze into a festival, the best approach is to be sneaky and creative in your presentation. Break down your drinks into individual containers (think re-fillable water bottles, sports drink bottles, and vacuum sealed coffee mugs). That way, it’ll be easier to hide the alcoholic liquid and sip discreetly as the night goes on.

Sneaky Beverages

Dress for Success

Once you’ve picked out your beverages and dressed them up in clever disguises, it’s time to consider how you’re going to get them into the festival. Baggy clothes and large pockets are your friends here — wear items you wouldn’t normally opt for, like baggy cargo pants or an oversized hoodie. This way, you’ll have plenty of space to store your empty drinks containers and make sure they don’t get confiscated at security. Plus, it’s fun to dress for the occasion so that you don’t look too suspicious!

Dress for Success

Fill ‘er Up

Once you’re inside the camping festival (congratulations – you made it!), it’s now time to pour your liquor into your disguised containers. Whatever you do, avoid using open containers to pour them—it’s an easy way to get spotted by security. The best option is to use something that looks like a standard drinking bottle, like a water/sports drinks bottle. This will allow your drinks to be kept discreetly and, in some cases, can even get through security undetected.

Keep Your Ears Open

You never know what you’ll hear while out and about at this type of event, so it’s wise to keep your ears open. You may discover helpful information from fellow campers as to where to buy additional drinks or refill points. This is especially useful if you’re low on supplies and need to restock.

Do Some Research

If you’re still stuck and wondering how to sneak alcohol into your camping festival, it may be time to do some extra research. As we mentioned, check to see if any fellow campers have tips, or look into additional resources such as YouTube tutorials. A quick search for ‘how to sneak alcohol into a camping festival’ will give you a range of useful information. Check out this YouTube tutorial for some creative ideas:


Sneaking alcohol into a camping festival requires a bit of creativity and planning. But with some careful packing, clever disguises, and a bit of research, you’ll have no problem ensuring that your choice of adult beverages are readily available. So whether you’re off to enjoy a few days of campfires and jamming in the middle of nature, or a full-blown music festival, make sure to be prepared ahead of time so that you don’t miss out on the fun.