Amazingly Fun Activities to do When Camping – Enjoy the Outdoors!

The Ultimate Guide to Activities To Do When Camping

Many of us associate camping with a relaxing outdoor getaway – pitching a tent, curling up with a book and taking in the beauty of our natural surrounds. But camping has also come to encompass many different activities, from sports and adventure activities to sightseeing and educational experiences. So if you’re planning or looking forward to a camping trip to make the most of your time in the great outdoors, it’s worth considering all the activities you could be doing when you venture out into the wild.

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Dinner could be straight from the lake, river or stream if you know how to angle a fish! Before you attempt fishing, though, make sure you have the appropriate license to go fishing in your camping spot. Or if you’re a first-time angler, there are licensed fishing tour operators who can help you. You’ll also need to make sure you’re familiar with the relevant fishing regulations.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself, make sure you’re stocked up with all the necessary fishing gear – rod, reel, baits, lures, nets, bucket and more. If you’re planning to go deep-sea fishing, you’ll require a boat and all the safety equipment.


If you’re ready to explore, hiking can offer spectacular rewards. Before setting off, make sure you’re fully prepared with all the necessary supplies like durable shoes, a map, plenty of snacks, water, hat, layers of clothes and a camera for capturing those postcard-worthy views.

Don’t forget to check the track for any potential hazards or warnings. Make sure you have a basic understanding of the area’s terrain, its noteworthy features and whether the path is suitable for kids. Consider if you need to pack food, drinks or snacks for the journey.


If you’re looking for a more active experience, consider taking your bike out for a spin. Whether you want to find a cycle-friendly trail for the family or a remote backcountry route, mountain biking can be an engaging and thrilling way to discover hidden gems and landscapes.

Make sure you equip yourself with all the necessary safety gear – helmets, gloves, padded pants, a sturdy bike and a bike lock if you need to secure it. Take some snacks and water with you to keep your energy levels up.

Nature Walks

If you want to a break from the outdoor activities and appreciate the peacefulness of nature, you may just want to take a stroll. If you’re close to rivers, streams, forests or lakes, a nature walk is a great way to relax and take in the amazing wonders of the natural environment.

Make sure everyone has the right clothes and gear. Bring a few snacks, something to take photos with, a pocketknife, a first-aid kit and a map. Make sure to stay on the path and follow signs, and respect animals and their habitats.

Campfires/ BBQs

Relaxing by the campfire is one of the most quintessential activities of camping. A campfire is an integral part of camp life – you can cook meals, keep warm, and tell stories around the fire with family and friends. And don’t forget to bring your ingredients to make s’mores!

Once you have a campfire going, cook your meals using foil packets. Prepare food like potatoes, onions, vegetables, corn cobs, patties, cheese, and salmon. To store your food away from critters, make sure it’s sealed in an airtight container.

If a campfire isn’t an option, you can bring a small portable BBQ with you. Bring the necessary ingredients and get ready to cook hearty meals and treats to share with your family or camping group.

Camping Activities for Kids

When it comes to camping activities for the kids, getting creative is key. Depending on the age group, activities like water balloon tosses, reptile spotting, scavenger hunts and star-gazing can provide hours of entertainment. Make sure you check the local wildlife and natural protected areas before trying to pick flowers or capture animals.

Camping can also be a great way to introduce your youngsters to outdoor sports, like rock climbing, fishing, cycling and bushwalking – these activities can provide a great learning opportunity for the kids to gain essential skills like teamwork, communication, and confidence.

When selecting camping activities for the kids, it’s important to create a balance of activities that allows for learning, spending time outdoors, and having fun. That way, each activity can become an amazing experience for both kids and their parents.

Other Activities

There’s plenty of other activities to do when camping, such as photography, wildlife spotting, stargazing, guitar playing and tennis. You may even want to bring a movie projector with you and the family can stay up till late watching movies or shows.

And with the recent active camping trends, you don’t have to be sitting still all day – you could be kayaking, paddle-boarding, swimming and even parasailing!

Final Words

Camping is one of the best ways to get close to nature, enjoy a healthy dose of outdoor activities and bond with your family, friends and even yourself. Whether you’re renting a camping van, pitching a tent or staying in a cabin, try to make the most of your experience. Don’t forget to bring your supplies and the necessary safety gear for each camping activity, and check the relevant regulations before embarking on your adventure.