Amazingly Fun Things to do on Your Next Camping Trip!

A Comprehensive Guide: What To Do On A Camping Trip

Feeling cooped up inside while the great outdoors beckons? A camping trip might be just the thing you need right now. Camping is a great way to unplug and enjoy nature while enjoying the tranquility of outdoor pursuits and activities. But before you embark on your camping journey, it’s important to be prepared. This comprehensive guide to camping will help you and your family/friends know what to do on a camping trip, ensuring that everyone has an unforgettable experience.

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Plan Ahead

To make sure your camping jaunt is the most enjoyable, make sure to plan ahead. Choose a campground that meets your needs – and fits your budget. Think about what type of experience you want, from secluded camping sites to larger campgrounds that are more amenities-equipped. If you are traveling with children, look for a campground with complimentary activities. Do your research online or via apps and find out the cost of each campground and which amenities are available. Once you have chosen a campground, book the site, and then buy the necessary camping equipment for your trip.

camping preparation
Preparing for camping ahead of time can ensure a more enjoyable experience.

As a parent of three children and experienced camper, I always recommend that you work with your kids to create a camping list so everyone knows what to pack. Essential items include a tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, warm clothes, first aid kit, and cooking supplies. For longer trips bring extra clothes, personal electronics, books, and toys. It might also be a good idea to bring a portable power supply to ensure that all devices and equipment are charged. You can also look into renting camping equipment if you don’t want to buy it.

Choose Your Activities

Camping offers many opportunities for enjoyable outdoor activities. Be sure to review the campground’s list of permissible activities before you embark on your trip. Decide as a group what activities you want to do and assign someone to lead each one. If you can’t remember everything, write it down, or make a checklist. Here are a few ideas of what to do on a camping trip:

  • Explore nature: Nature is such a beautiful thing and camping allows us to truly explore its wonders in a variety of ways. Go for a hike, explore a cave, stargaze, or take a leisurely nature walk. You could also bring a fishing pole to catch your dinner!
  • Get creative: Crafting is a great way to relax and stay busy. Bring some yarn, colored paper, crayons, markers, and crafting supplies to make art or make an indoor fort. You could also bring some musical instruments like drums or guitars to make camping karaoke or a forest band.
  • Take it slow: A camping trip can be a real reset for the soul. Spend time journaling, reading, or just taking it easy and relaxing. Yoga and meditation are also great ways to recenter.
  • Play games: Board games and card games are the perfect companion to camping. They’re a great way to bond with friends and family, plus you won’t need electricity or Internet.
  • Make s’mores: What’s a camping trip without good campfire food? Learn how to make delicious s’mores with melted chocolate and marshmallows and create memories that will last a lifetime.

campfire time
Enjoy roasting marshmallows and making s’mores over the campfire.

Practice Safety

Safety should be your number one priority when camping. Note that many campgrounds may have more rules and regulations due to Covid-19. Make sure you and your family stay informed about the latest safety guidelines established for the campground. Review safety tips with your group before heading out and make sure everyone is on the same page in this regard. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always practice fire safety. Keep an eye on campfires and make sure to properly extinguish after you’re done.
  • Keep food fresh and stored in a cooler. This will keep rodents and other animals away from your campsite.
  • Supervise children closely. Be aware of surroundings and make sure kids don’t wander off too far from the campsite.
  • Always wear sunscreen and reapply when needed. Also, bring insect repellent to ward off bugs.
  • Carry flashlights or headlamps and keep them handy. Camping in the dark can be scary and dangerous, so make sure you are visible when it is dark outside.
  • Be bear aware. Make sure to clean up all food from your campground and properly store it away overnight. Be prepared to store items in a bear locker if there is one at your campsite.

enjoying nature
Take the time to enjoy nature and appreciate the moments.

With the right preparation and the right mindset, a camping trip can be an incredibly enjoyable and memorable experience. Making campfire memories is a surefire way to create timeless family traditions that you and your children can look back on fondly. And, sometimes getting away from it all is just what you and your family need.

Remember to slow down and take the time to enjoy nature. Pull out your camera or your cellphone and document your journey in photos so you can have tangible memories to look back on. Go on hikes or sit by the campfire and enjoy the quiet moments. Make sure to practice camping safety tips and be aware of your surroundings and you’ll have the best camping experience with your family.

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