Amazingly Fun: What to Bring to a Camping Festival

Planning for What to Bring to a Camping Festival

Camping festivals provide a great opportunity to get back to nature and relax with friends or family. However, camping festivals can also be a lot of work if you aren’t prepared for them. Planning for a camping festival can be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to camping or don’t know what to bring. Knowing what to pack is essential to make sure you have a fun, comfortable and safe time at your camping festival. Read on for some tips for what you should bring with you to a camping festival.

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With my 20-plus years of camping experience, here is my top list of must-haves when packing for a camping festival:


This is the most obvious item on your packing list, and for good reason. A tent is your home away from home, so make sure to bring one that is spacious enough for all occupants. Be sure to check the tent’s material and rain protection level before buying, since rain at the festival is a definite possibility. Bring along a few extra guy lines and pegs too.

A fully set up tent in a camping festival.

Sleeping Bag and Pad

A good night’s sleep is essential to having a great time at a camping festival. Make sure you bring a warm sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. The sleeping pad will add extra insulation and sleeping comfort. Don’t forget extra blankets or a sheet for added warmth, especially at night!

A sleeping bag laid down on a camping pad

Sensible Clothing and Footwear

Bring clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the weather. If it’s likely to be hot during your camping festival, bring light, loose-fitting clothes and shoes that aren’t too tight. If the weather will be cold, make sure to pack plenty of warm clothes. Layering is also important to make sure you can adjust your clothing appropriately depending on the temperature. Lastly, make sure to bring closed-toe shoes, hats, and sunglasses.

A closeup of a pair of multi-colored trainers with sports socks

Camp Chairs & Tables

Seating is essential if you’re going to be spending time relaxing at your campsite. Make sure you bring a couple of comfortable camp chairs or stools along. You may even consider bringing along a table, depending on the size of your tent. This will save you from having to bend down to the ground each time you need to eat or work from your laptop.

Gadgets & Entertainment

Don’t forget to bring something to keep you occupied. Bring along some items for entertainment such as books, cards, or an electronic device to listen to music or watch a movie. Portability and battery life are important factors to consider depending on your camping festival’s power supply.

Cooking & Eating Supplies

If you plan to cook your own food at the camping festival, consider bringing along a camp stove and cookware. Some festivals may provide shared camp cookers, so be sure to check if they are available before you buy your own. You should also bring some snacks, water, and other food items you plan to eat. A simple plastic cooler can also be handy for storing food and drinks.

Medical & Hygiene Supplies

Bring a small first aid kit and all the necessary toiletries for each person attending the festival. Make sure you also bring insect repellant and sunscreen to protect against bites and sunburn. It’s also helpful to bring a few garbage bags, so you can discard waste properly.

Light Sources

There may not be electricity in some camping festivals. As a result, it’s important to bring along flashlights, exterior lanterns, or headlamps for easier visibility after dark. You may also want to bring a few battery-powered candles or tea lights.

Other Essentials

These are some other items you should consider bringing: a compact shovel, towel, rope, tarps, multitool, water filter, and a camping saw.

With these essentials in mind, you should be able to enjoy your camping festival experience. Be sure to double-check that you have all of the items before you head out to the event, and always remember to have fun!