Amazingly Simple: How to Charge Your Phone When Camping

How to Charge Your Phone When Camping

If you’re the type who loves to hit on the road and take a camping trip far away from home, you know how hard it can be to keep in touch with family and friends – especially when it comes to keeping your phone charged. It can be difficult to always make sure that your phone has enough battery power for an emergency, or to take that important call. Luckily, with the right techniques and a bit of preparation, it’s easy to stay connected even when you’re on vacation.

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As an experienced camper and father of three, I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for the best and most reliable ways to charge your smartphone when camping. I’m here to share those so that your next camping adventure can be a totally stress-free and really enjoyable time. Here goes…

1. Bring an External Battery Pack

An external battery pack is an essential item when camping – it’s your own personal power bank! These are convenient, easy and versatile; you really can’t go wrong with packing one of these. It can be on hand at all times so that you can charge your phone at any given time, without the need for having access to an outlet.

External Battery Pack

You can pick up a reliable external battery pack for a reasonable price these days; there are plenty of models available that feature multiple USB ports so that you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, making them great for charging phones, tablets, and many other items.

2. Bring an Adapter for Your Car

If you’re camping in an area with access to a car, an adapter for the car’s cigarette lighter socket is one of the most efficient ways to charge your phone. It’s a great way to top up your phone’s battery when you take a ride to somewhere, or when you’re out exploring the great outdoors!

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