Amazingly Simple: What to Bring for Overnight Camping

What to Bring For Overnight Camping: A Comprehensive List

One of the most important steps to an enjoyable camping experience is packing the right gear. Knowing what to bring for overnight camping can be a daunting task so we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive list of the essential items. As an experienced camper and father of three, I’ve become accustomed to packing quickly and efficiently to ensure that we have everything needed for a memorable overnight camping trip.

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The first item you’ll need to bring is shelter. This could be either a tent or a hammock. If you are camping in a tent, make sure to bring a rainfly, ground cover, tent stakes, and a mallet. Additionally, sleeping bags, pillows, and air mattresses are helpful for creating a comfortable place to sleep overnight.

Tent Camping


Depending on the weather and season, you should bring the appropriate clothing. Make sure to bring a few layers, long pants, and a jacket so you can easily adjust for temperature changes. This is especially important for colder months. Additionally, hiking boots, water-resistant shoes, and sandals are beneficial to provide a range of comfort and functionality. Finally, don’t forget to pack a hat, gloves, and sunglasses if necessary.

Clothing for camping

Cooking Supplies & Food

Having the right cooking supplies and food items makes a big difference is having a successful camping trip. To ensure you’re fully prepared, make sure to pack a camp stove, fuel, a pot, and utensils as well as plates, cups, and a sharp knife. Additionally, for food items you’ll need to pack food that is easy to cook as well as food that is easy to store. Additionally, if you plan on making coffee, tea, or cocoa, it’s important to bring a percolator or coffee maker. Finally, don’t forget your spices and seasoning as well as some snacks for quick energy.

Cooking Supplies


Bringing flashlights, handheld lanterns, and propane lighting are essential for any camping trip. This enables you to find your way through the dark and prepare meals so make sure to bring some form of lighting on your camping trip.

Hygiene Supplies

Don’t forget the basics – bring toothpaste, a toothbrush, biodegradable soap, a washcloth, toilet paper, a towel, and other hygienic items that are necessary for everyday use.

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit is a must when camping. Make sure to pack bandages, gauze, scissors, anti-bacterial cream, and anti-itch cream in the kit so you’re prepared in case of any minor injuries.

Miscellaneous Items

There are a few miscellaneous items that are also very helpful on any camping trip. This includes insect repellent, boots socks, rubber gloves, garbage bags, maps, firewood, kindling, and a fire starter. Additionally, don’t forget to pack a first aid kit, sunscreen, and a small emergency kit that includes a battery-powered radio, a whistle, hazard tape, and basic emergency supplies.

The Ultimate Camping Checklist

For an even easier time packing, here’s an ultimate camping checklist to help cover all your base. This list has been adapted from the CampKulin’s guide for what to bring for an overnight camping trip. The video below explains more about our recommendations.

  • Shelter: tent, hammock, rainfly, ground cover, stakes & mallet, sleeping bags, pillows & air mattresses
  • Clothing: layers, long pants, jacket, hiking boots, water-resistant shoes & sandals, hat, gloves (& sunglasses if necessary)
  • Cooking Supplies & Food: camp stove, fuel, pot & utensils, plates, cups & sharp knife, easy to cook & store food, spices & seasoning, snacks, coffee maker/percolator
  • Lighting: flashlights, handheld lanterns & propane lighting
  • Hygiene Supplies: toothpaste & toothbrush, biodegradable soap, washcloth, toilet paper & towel
  • First Aid Kit: bandages, gauze, scissors, anti-bacterial & anti-itch cream
  • Miscellaneous Items: insect repellent, boot socks, rubber gloves, garbage bags, maps, firewood, kindling & fire starter, first aid kit, sunscreen & emergency kit (battery powered radio, whistle, & hazard tape)

Camping is a great way to explore the outdoors and get back to nature. With the right gear, you’ll have an enjoyable and safe overnight camping experience. By following this comprehensive list of what to bring for overnight camping and the ultimate camping checklist, you’ll be prepared for any adventure that comes your way.