Amazingly Uncomplicated: How Many Gas Canisters Do You Need For Camping?

How Many Gas Canisters Do You Need for Camping?

Camping is an adventure that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether you are taking a tent or a RV, you will need to consider the issue of storing combustible fuel safely and responsibly. One popular tool to do this is by using gas canisters, which allow for a steady and reliable source of fuel for your camping stoves, lamps and grills. But how you might you choose the right amount of canisters for your camping trip? Read on to find out!

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As a father of three kids and an experienced camper, I understand the importance of understanding the fuel requirements of your camping trip. After all, it can be quite costly to buy more fuel than you need or to run out of fuel mid hike. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the things you should consider when determining exactly how many gas canisters to bring on the trip.

Type of Trip

The length and type of your trip are the most important pieces of information when deciding on how much fuel you will need. For example, if you are only backpacking for one night out on a short trail, you won’t need as much fuel as you would if you were going for a weeklong camping trip. The number of stops in between, the distance of the trip, and other variables will impact the total amount of fuel you will need.

Number of People

The number of people you are bringing along on your camping trip will also change the amount of fuel you should bring. The more people you have, the more fuel you will probably need. That’s because everyone will likely be using the gas canisters to cook, as well as for additional stove or flame activities. Plan ahead and determine how much fuel will be needed before heading off on the trip.

Location and Climate

The geographical region and climate you will be camping in will usually determine how much fuel you need. Consider factors like temperature, wind, and terrain when determining the right amount of fuel for a camping trip.

Types of Stoves and Appliances


Different types of gas canisters fuel different stove and appliance models. For example, a propane camping stove will require a type of gas canister that’s different from the one required for a gas lantern. Knowing the type of equipment you will bring with you will help you determine which canisters you need to buy.

Fuel Efficiency of Stove

The size and fuel efficiency of the stove or appliance you bring on your camping trip will also impact the amount of gas you bring. Stoves that are low on fuel efficiency will require larger fuel canisters, while high efficiency or multi-burner stoves will require multiple, smaller canisters.

Canister Sizes


The type and size of trailer or camping vehicle you are using will also determine the size of the canisters you need. Smaller canisters may not fit in certain vehicles, so make sure you have enough space before loading up on any fuel. A good rule of thumb when determining the right size canister is to measure the space where the canisters are going to fit. And if you’re not sure, it’s generally a safe bet to opt for smaller, more compact canisters.

Calculating Your Needs


Once you have all this information, you can then accurately determine the amount of fuel canisters needed. Divide the total weight of the fuel needed by the size of the canister and the fuel type. You will then need to divide the number of total fuel canisters you need by the type of canister. This will help you determine the exact number and type of canisters you need for a trip.

For a visual demonstration, check out this video.

As we can see, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how many gas canisters you need for camping. But by following the steps outlined above, you can get a good estimate on the number and types of canisters you need for your camping trips.