Amazingly Warm: What to Wear Camping in Winter

Stay Warm and Comfortable While Camping In Winter

Camping during the winter months can be considered as one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences. As much as you need to be prepared and have the right gear to make your trip successful, the last thing you must decide is what to wear. Not only do you have to think about keeping warm in cold temperatures, but you also need to pick clothes that are layered for layers and warm enough for any outdoor activities. After all, you don’t want to be caught off-guard without the right apparel when the temperatures suddenly drop during your outing.

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As an experienced camper, I know firsthand that there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question “What to wear camping in winter?” Every person and situation will be different, so it is important to be aware of your own needs and plan accordingly. For this reason, I have put together some tips for what to wear during winter camping, based on my own experience.

Base Layer

For your bottom layer, you want clothes that will keep you warm and dry. This is the foundation of your clothing and will be essential for your comfort. Depending on your individual needs and how active you plan on being, you may want to opt for either thermal or synthetic materials. Thermal clothing is great for providing warm air pockets and ventilation, but it is not waterproof. Synthetics, on the other hand, are waterproof but may not provide as much warmth. I personally like to wear fleece-lined leggings and two long sleeve thermals as my bottom layer.

Insulated Clothing

Once you are prepared with your base layer, it’s time to layer up! Insulated apparel is essential for any winter outdoor adventure. If you are going for warmth and comfort all the way, you should opt for down jackets or parkas. For those who often move around during their activities, you should opt for synthetic jackets which keep you warmer while offering more mobility.

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In my opinion, synthetic jackets are by far the most versatile option as they provide plenty of warmth while also allowing you to easily adjust your layers. Regardless of which outer jacket you choose, make sure it has a hood for extra coverage and is waterproof.

Hats and Gloves

Staying warm and dry starts from the top and working our way down. To keep your head and hands warm, a beanie and gloves are essential. Choose beanies with soft fabrics, loose fit, and high neck coverage. Thick cashmere beanies or those with fur linings are particularly cozy for cold winter nights.

Your hands need to be properly protected from the cold temperatures during activities. To keep them warm without compromising on touch and grip, I like to wear gloves that are made with a combination of materials. Some of my favorites are blend of wool-cashmere as it keeps me both warm and dry.

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Your feet will be the most important part to keep warm during your winter camping trips. Depending on the temperature, two to three pairs of thermal socks should keep you warm in the snow and icy conditions. However, if you plan on doing any activities like skiing or snow shoeing, you may want to opt for moisture-wicking wool socks.

For shoes, a pair of waterproof and insulated boots are the best option. Look for ones that have good insulation in the soles and are at least ankle high for extra protection and stability. Keep in mind that the temperatures can get severely cold during the winter season, so make sure you invest in a pair of good quality snow boots for maximum warmth and comfort while you are out in the cold.

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Finally, to keep you extra warm, consider wearing other accessories during your winter camping trips. Adding a scarf to your outfit can provide a much-needed extra layer of warmth while also adding a touch of style to your outfit. Thick, oversized scarves are particularly cozy when there’s a chill in the air. For extra fun on your winter camping trips, you can always wear a hat as well, with ear flaps for extra protection.

In conclusion, winter camping can be a truly rewarding experience if you are prepared with the appropriate clothing. Keep in mind to pay special attention to your base layer and outerwear and never forget about hats, gloves, and accessories. However, some of these may not necessarily be necessary depending on the climate and environment of your winter camping trip.

Now that we have discussed what to wear camping in winter, it is time to put on your winter wardrobe and get out there. I have included a YouTube video below to give you a more visual demonstration on what to wear camping in winter:

With the right clothing, you can be safe and have fun in the winter months. So go ahead and brave the cold and enjoy your winter camping trip!