Astonishingly Easy: How to Fold a Camping Shower Tent

How to Fold a Camping Shower Tent with Ease

When camping out in the wilderness, a camping shower tent can provide an invaluable resource for staying clean. Whether washing up after a long day of exploring, doing a mid-week rinse, or catching a quick shower before an early morning rendezvous, a camping shower tent can make life on the road a bit easier. But without knowing the correct way to fold and store your tent, you may end up spending more time than necessary managing the tent when it’s time to hit the dirt.

In this post, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions, tips, and tricks for folding and storing your camping shower tent like a pro. We’ll also help coax out the best way to keep your tent in optimal condition.

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As a father of three, I can relate to the struggle that comes with managing a busy family-friendly camping trip. That’s why I’ve tried to condense my years of camping and outdoor experience into a concise guide for folding a camping shower tent.

Step 1: Clear out the shower tent

The first step in the process is to entirely empty the tent, leaving only the poles and the tent skin. To do this properly, gently shake out the tent over a tarp or bag. This ensures that no loose bits of dirt or debris are left behind in the tent, but you may also consider using a small handheld vacuum to get a deeper clean.

Once the tent is fully empty, verify there is no damage or wear-and-tear that needs to be addressed. With all the objects from inside the tent removed, inspect all of the zipper doors, mesh windows, and poles for any dings, tears, or breaks that may have occurred after a long camping season.

Step 2: Secure the tent poles

Next, disconnect and collapse the tent poles, and then secure each pole with the provided pole straps. This helps keep dirt and other particulates away from the pole joints as they are packed away. Once the poles are secured, carefully fold them in a manner that keeps them neat and manageable.

Step 3: Fold and roll the tent

Once the poles are taken care of, the tent itself needs to be folded and rolled. Begin by laying the tent on a flat surface and folding the sides in a controlled manner. Follow this up by folding the sides into a rectangle shape.

After the tent is folded, roll it up from the bottom tightly. Then, secure the tent roll with the straps provided with the tent. If you don’t have any straps, a rubber band can be used instead to keep the whole thing together.

Step 4: Store the tent

Once the tent is wrapped up and secure, store it in a place that is cool and dry. To ensure it stays in the best condition possible, slip the rolled tent into an oversized sack or plastic bag before wrapping it in an insulated pack. This will help keep out any moisture, dirt, and debris.

In addition, make sure to loosen the pole straps while in storage. This helps to prevent any warping that could occur if the straps are too tight for an extended period.

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We hope this guide helped you better understand the process of folding and storing a camping shower tent. Not only is it a three-step process, but it’s also a great way to make sure your tent is in top shape for your next camping trip. So the next time you break down camp, remember to follow the steps outlined in this tutorial and you’ll have no trouble keeping your camping shower tent in tip-top condition. Happy camping!