Astonishingly Light: How Much Does Camping Gear Weigh?

How Much Does Camping Gear Weigh?

Camping is an exciting and fun getaway, but packing your gear can be daunting. To make sure you’re safe and comfortable during your trip, you need to consider the weight and size of your equipment. How much does camping gear weigh? This blog post looks at the approximate weight of camping gear, so you can make sure your pack is at the right size and weight for your needs.

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How Much Does Tents Weigh?

Tents can be a great addition to your camping gear, providing you with a comfortable resting space away from the elements. But how much does a tent weigh? It depends on the type of tent you purchase. Generally, the smallest tents with fewer features weigh 4-6lb. A 3- or 4-person tent with more features can weigh 6-12lb. A 4- or 6-person tent with extra features, such as multiple entrances, multiple rooms, and special seam composition, can weigh up to 20lb.

When measuring the weight of your tent, make sure to include the weight of the poles, stakes, and guy lines.

A tent in a campsite

How Much Does Sleeping Bags Weigh?

Sleeping bags are a portable bed that can keep you warm and insulated while sleeping in the outdoors. While most sleeping bags are made of lightweight and waterproof fabrics, their size and filling materials determine their weight. A rectangular sleeping bag typically weighs 2-4lb; mummy-style sleeping bags usually weigh 3-5lb.

For lightweight camping with a tight budget, consider looking for sleeping bag models made with down fillings, which tend to weigh less than synthetic sleeping bags.

A sleeping bag in a campsite

How Much Does Sleeping Pads Weigh?

Sleeping pads are formulated to provide more insulation and raise you up from cold surfaces while sleeping. There are many types of sleeping pads, so the range of weight can be broad. The lightest sleeping pads, such as the Therm-a-rest Z Lite, can weigh as little as 14oz, while the heavier insulated mattresses can weigh over 2lbs.

You can also opt for air mattresses if you’re looking for more cushioning. However, they need to be inflated with air pumps, which can add more weight to your gear.

An air mattress in a campsite

How Much Does Backpacks Weigh?

When choosing a backpack, the size and the number of pockets can add to the weight. Generally, the smaller and simpler the backpack, the lighter it will be. Backpacks between 20 – 35L are considered lightweight and may weigh 2lbs or less. Backpacks between 45 – 70L may weigh 3-4lbs, while 80L or larger backpacks can weigh around 5lbs.

If you anticipate a lot of gear, look for multi-day bags that offer extra padding and support for the back, adjustable straps, and pockets specifically catered for your supplies.

Tips For Packing and Reducing Weight

To reduce weight and save energy, consider packing only the essentials and carry minimal items. Utilizing multi-purpose items such as a multitool or a headlamp with a USB charger can also be great alternatives, as they can help reduce the number of items you need to carry.

I’ve been camping with my family for years and have perfected my packing process. Here’s a great video from an expert to assist you with your packing techniques:

Above all, it’s important to find a balance between your gear needs and the available weight you can carry. Try to find items that are lightweight, but still provide the same level of comfort and protection.


Camping gear can range in weight, from heavy tents to lightweight backpacks. When packing your gear, make sure to consider the approximate weight of each item as well as the total weight of your items. Consider packing multi-purpose items to help reduce the number of items you’re carrying. At the end of the day, make sure to find an ideal balance between your gear needs and the available weight you can comfortably carry.