Astonishingly Simple: How to Shower While Camping in Just 3 Steps

Showering while Camping: How to Stay Clean (and Comfortable)

Camping trips can be incredibly rewarding, as you’re able to take in some of the most beautiful places nature has to offer. But they also come with a set of challenges, from fluctuating temperatures to boiling water over a campfire. One of these challenges revolves around showering: how can you stay clean while being in nature?

Whether you’ve got a group of friends or family, or you’re on your own, it’s important to figure out a comfortable and hygienic way to shower while on a camping trip. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay clean and refreshed while camping, without having to sacrifice comfort or the environment.

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## Solar Shower

One of the most popular ways of showering while camping is to use a solar shower. These are basically a large plastic bag that is filled with warm water and suspended onto a tree branch or a pole, so the water can heat up with the sun’s energy. The best part about a solar shower is that it’s super easy to set up, and most don’t rely on an external source of energy or heating. You can also mix your own showering solution if you want to make your own, such as a mixture of baking soda and soap.

solar shower

The only downside to using a solar shower is that it may take longer to heat up since it relies on the sunlight, so it’s best to plan ahead and set it up in the morning. But once it’s warm and full, it’s an incredibly effective way to clean up while away from home.

## Bucket and Scoop

Another great option is the bucket and scoop method: All you need is a bucket, a large bowl, and scoop to skim the surface of the water, and a pitcher. To start, fill the bucket with tepid to warm water (ideally from a stream or spring), then use the large bowl or scoop to create a suctioning action on the surface of the water. This will draw up the liquid and allow you to pour it onto yourself.

bucket and scoop

You can then use the pitcher to pour the water over your head or body as necessary, and if the water starts to get cold, you can grab some more warm water from the bucket.

## Portable Showers and Baths

If you’re looking for a more complete and luxurious way to shower while camping, you can invest in a portable showers and baths. These are basically a large inflatable pool that you can fill up with water, but that also comes with a spigot that can be used to dispense water from a water tank.

portable shower and baths

The great thing about these is that they can be set up anywhere, and they provide a much more comfortable experience than a solar shower or a bucket. Not only can you enjoy a warm and soothing shower, but these inflatable pools can also be used to give yourself a spa-like treatment, complete with a sauna and steam shower.

## Video Tutorials on How to Shower While Camping

If you’re still having trouble understanding how to find a shower while camping, then check out this video tutorial, which walks you through the different ways to stay clean while on a camping trip.

Whether you opt for a solar shower, a bucket and scoop, or a portable bathroom, these are all great ways to stay clean and fresh while out in nature. You’ll also be able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without sacrificing any of the creature comforts of home. So grab your camping shower supplies, and enjoy all the natural beauty that your camping adventure has to offer!