Astonishingly Simple Tips for What to Do If Your Wife Hates Camping

What To Do If Your Wife Hates Camping

It’s hard to go camping with your family if your wife doesn’t enjoy it as much as you do. But just because your wife doesn’t have the same enthusiasm for camping that you do, doesn’t mean you have to give up the activity altogether. If you’re looking for ways to make your camping trips more enjoyable for everyone, here are some tips for getting your wife to love camping as much as you do.

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Start Slow

If your wife is new to camping or hasn’t been in years, it’s best to take it slow. Instead of jumping in with a full-on camping trip, plan a short day hike together on a well-known trail. This will give her a chance to experience nature without having to spend the night in a tent.

Choose the Right Spot

It’s always important to choose the right campsite for the type of camping you plan to do. If your wife is new to camping, you may want to pick a campground that offers some amenities, such as bathrooms, running water, and other amenities. This will make the camping experience a bit more comfortable for her. If she’s more adventurous, look for a spot with a great view and plenty of outdoor activities.

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Pack Comfortably

One thing that can be intimidating for new campers is the gear. Make sure that your wife has all the necessary items that she’ll need for the trip. Make sure that you’re packing lightweight, comfortable gear and that you’re not overpacking. This will make the camping experience more enjoyable for her.

Cook Together

One of the best parts of camping is cooking over a campfire. Pick a simple, easy recipe that you can make together. This will give you two a chance to bond over a shared activity, and the food will taste even better if you make it together.

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Plan Fun Activities

Pick activities that your wife will enjoy. Some ideas include going for a nature walk, exploring the stars, fishing, or bird watching. Make sure that you create an itinerary for the outdoor adventure and that you give your wife plenty of time to relax or explore on her own.

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Take Extra Time To Set Up A Tent

Most people don’t realize how long it can take to set up a tent. When you’re camping with your wife, and she’s not familiar with setting up tents, give yourself some extra time. Have her watch and help you with the setup. This way, she’ll be prepared if you ever need to set up the tent quickly in an emergency.

Be Open To Listening

One of the keys to a successful camping trip is communication. Make sure that you’re listening to your wife’s concerns and questions about the trip. This will give you a better idea of what she’s looking for in a camping experience and will make her feel like she’s included and respected.

Watch Inspiring Videos

Before you go camping, watch an inspiring video about camping together. This will help get your wife feeling excited for the adventure. Here’s a great video that explains how to find your way around in the dark, goes over the basics of getting your tent set up correctly, and other tips.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make sure that your wife feels comfortable and safe when camping. Do your best to provide her with an enjoyable, stress free experience that she’ll remember and hopefully even enjoy. With a little patience and effort, you can get your wife to love camping as much as you do.