Astonishingly Simple: What to Bring to Festival Camping

Your Essential What to Bring to Festival Camping Checklist

Festival camping is an amazing experience. Nothing quite beats the opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere, surrounded by like-minded people. However, it is essential to come prepared if you are to truly make the most of your outdoor adventure. After all, the right camping gear, clothing, and supplies can make or break your festival.

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As a father of three children and an experienced camper, I have plenty of tips and tricks I can offer to festival-goers when it comes to gearing up for the big event. Here is my checklist of the must-have items that no camper should be without.

Tent and Other Shelters

Your tent is your home away from home, so make sure you pick the right one for the festivals’ conditions. For the most part, a basic dome tent should do the job, providing you with shelter from the elements. If you’re expecting wet and windy weather, opt for something a bit sturdier and that provides higher ground clearance.

In addition to a tent, you might consider bringing other types of shelter, such as a rain tarp, gazebo, or pop-up shelter, which can offer extra protection from rain, wind, and sun. Don’t forget to bring tent stakes, poles, and any other necessary items for proper setup and maintenance.

Sleeping Gear

Rather than sleeping on the ground, you’ll be much more comfortable if you bring along a sleeping bag or camping mat. For those who prefer an extra layer of comfort, camp cots and hammocks are invaluable assets.

If the weather is cool, bring something warm to wear while sleeping, such as long johns or extra blankets. Don’t forget to bring a pillow, if you prefer.

Cooking and Eating Gear

When it comes to cooking and eating, consider the festivals’ restrictions before packing for the event. You may be able to bring grills, coolers, and hot plates, but check festival policy before you leave.

At the very least, make sure you bring cooking utensils, plates, cups, a pot or pan for boiling water, and some basic containers for food storage. Don’t forget a pair of kitchen scissors, which can be extremely handy for a variety of tasks, and plastic bags for waste and dirty items.

Personal Equipment and Supplies

In addition to basic camping and cooking equipment, it is important to bring basic supplies for hygiene and comfort. Some items to consider are:

  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Bug repellent
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Toilet paper
  • Small camping shower
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Camping chairs and/or blankets
  • Flash light and extra batteries
  • Cell phone charger

Clothing and Shoes

When choosing clothing and footwear for a festival, comfort and the weather conditions should be taken into consideration. Before departing, check the forecast for the time of your trip and bring enough clothing for a range of temperatures and weather conditions.

When it comes to festival attire, go with items you would normally wear for outdoor events such as jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and comfortable athletic shoes. If the forecast calls for rain, be sure to bring a raincoat or at least a waterproof jacket.

Stay In Touch and Keep Documents Safe

Nothing can ruin a festival quite like lost or stolen electronic devices. To avoid this disaster, you should bring some charging devices, such as a power bank and USB cables. That way, you’ll never run out of battery and will be able to stay connected with friends and family.

If you need to take any important documents with you (e.g. IDs or tickets), be sure to keep them in a safe and secure place. A water-resistant pouch is ideal for protecting them from rain, spills, or dirt.


Finally, you can pack some extra items to add a special touch to your camping experience. Some of the things you should consider are binoculars, books, musical instruments, picnic supplies, hygiene items, and toys for the kids.

If you’re looking for extra protection and comfort, a camping hammock can be a great addition to your setup. It will give you the chance to relax, and many come with mosquito netting for an extra layer of defense.

Wrap Up

Camping at festivals can be an extremely rewarding experience. There’s no better way to immerse yourself in the event atmosphere and bond with nature than by camping in the great outdoors.

The key to any successful camping trip is coming prepared. Make sure you bring the right items – and enough of them – with you. With the right gear, you will be sure to have a fantastic time and come away a true festival camping veteran!