Astonishingly Simple: What to Pack for Rainy Camping

Packing For Rainy Camping: Insider Tips From an Experienced Father of Three

When the skies are overcast and humidity is in the air, camping in the rain can be a tricky undertaking – but it doesn’t have to be! With the right preparation and the right attitude, you can make the most of your soggy camping experience. As an experienced father of three and camper, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks for camping in the rain that I’m happy to share with you in this blog post.

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Select the Right Gear

Any modern camper will tell you – the right equipment matters. When it comes to camping in the rain, you’ll want to choose equipment that is waterproof and ultra-durable. Look for gear that can stand up to heavy use, and don’t forget to check the seams and patches. Rainproof items with taped seams or welded seams are the way to go. Additionally, you’ll also need something to cover your gear while you’re away from camp. Rain tarps and canopies are great for this. Canopies offer more protection from pesky mosquitos and sunburn alike, while tarps can be staked simply or easily draped over lightweight items like camping gear.

What to Pack for Rainy Camping

What to Wear

In rainy camping, the right clothing makes the difference between a miserable and enjoyable experience. Synthetic fabrics are generally best – they’ll offer the most protection from the rain and keep you warm in the chill. Cotton is absorbent and may leave you feeling damp all day long. Don’t forget a breathable waterproof jacket, good warm layers, and a waterproof hat. And for wet conditions, bright colors can be extremely helpful for easily spotting your tent and gear.

What to Pack for Rainy Camping

Pack Wisely

When packing for a rainy camping trip, you’ll want to maximize every inch of your gear. Bring items to keep you warm and dry, but also practice space-saving techniques like rolling or folding items tightly. Consider investing in waterproof bags or using vacuum-sealed storage bags to keep your items dry inside your tent or vehicle. And don’t leave too many items out in the open; the less that is exposed to the rain, the better.

What to Pack for Rainy Camping

Create a “Dry Zone”

In the event that things go from wet to soggy, set up a dry zone inside your tent or vehicle. This will give you a place to hang out, change clothes, or eat dry food while it’s raining. If possible, use pegboard or large rocks to hang or store items, and use a clean sheet or tarp as a floor. A dry zone, however minimal, can be the difference between a campout of survival mode vs. enjoyable memories.

Stay Active & Make the Best of It!

Rainy camping doesn’t mean you need to be stuck indoors. Use the wet weather as an opportunity to explore! The rain and clouds provide a perfect environment for a woodland stroll – don’t forget to bring something to capture the moment. Have a photo scavenger hunt or use the rain as an excuse for a picnic in by the campsite. Since there’s no hike or bike, bring a book or game to start a cozy campfire afternoon. For some fun and exercise, set up an obstacle course or a game of “road football”.

And if camping can’t be helped, a few simple hints and tricks can help you limit the dampness and help you get your tent and clothes dry. Check out this helpful video for more advice on waterproofing tents and other gear while camping in the rain:

No matter what you do, the key is to stay prepared and enjoy yourself. You can make every moment spent in the rain an opportunity for creating unforgettable memories with your family. With just a little bit of pre-planning and these helpful tips for packing for rainy camping, you can easily have an enjoyable journey.