Astonishingly Thrilling: 10 Things to Do When Camping as a Couple

Things To Do When Camping as a Couple

Camping is an amazing way to spend quality time with someone special. From pitching tents to admiring nature, there are so many ways to enjoy yourselves when camping as a couple.

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or this will be your first venture into the wilderness together, there’s something truly special about camping as a couple. To help make the most of your precious time in the great outdoors, here are some of the best things to do when camping as a couple.

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1. Stargazing

Stargazing is a classic camping activity. With no artificial lights, it’s easy to find a clear spot in the darkness and pick out various constellations and planets. If you’re particularly lucky, you might even witness a meteor shower or shooting star. There’s nothing quite like lying on your backs and discovering stars together while enjoying a peaceful night in the great outdoors.

2. Hiking

One of the best things to do when camping as a couple is embark on a gentle hike. You don’t need to set off to conquer an entire mountain, the chances are you’ll be set up in an area with plenty of trails to explore. Depending on your hiking area and the duration of your camping trip you may even stumble across breathtaking painted landscape, unique ecosystems and wildlife. Spend the morning finding these hidden gems and reach your campsite in time for lunch.

3. Exploring Local Markets

If you’re not venturing too far out, exploring local markets can be a fun way to spend the day. Pick up things you’ll need for your next camping trip such as special local delicacies, camping equipment or cute trinkets. If you’re really fortunate, you might stumble across a farmers or antique market where you can find interesting things to buy and bargain for with each other.

4. Making Campsite Treats

No camping trip is complete without a few tasty treats. From gooey s’mores to delicious campfire nachos, you will only need a few ingredients and an open fire to make delicious snacks. Get creative and have some fun while trying out some different recipes with each other.

5. Enjoy Unplugged Conversation

Camping is a great opportunity to switch off from day to day technology. With no WiFi, you and your partner are able to connect with each other uninterrupted. Talk about your childhoods, current plans, and dreams for the future or just sit together in silence looking up at the stars.

6. Participate in Some Outdoor Games

Whether you decide to play tag and capture the flag, or organize a tournament of lawn games, playing outdoor games is a great way to have fun together. You could even give each other a run for your money in an old fashioned game of horseshoe.

7. Photo Shoot

Take some light-hearted photos of you and your partner together during your trip. Create a unique photo album with hilarious faces and solo portraits.

8. Take a Dip

Set up your campsite beside a lake, river, or ocean so that you can take a dip and cool off after a long and sweaty day. Bring a few floats, turn on some music, and just sit together in the water taking turns telling each other stories.

9. Sway To Some Music

Pack a Bluetooth speaker and stream some of your favorite tunes. If you’re feeling brave, you could even employ the help of a guitar or ukulele. Some folks really enjoy jamming to their tunes in the middle of nature.

10. Watch a Movie Under the Stars

Choose a spot away from the campfire and get settled for an evening under the stars with your partner. This could be an intimate and special moment in which you could watch a movie or the sun set behind the horizon, or just talk and enjoy being in the moment.

No matter what activities you decide to do whilst camping, there’s nothing quite like spending quality time in nature with someone special. From stargazing to cooking over a campfire, there are tons of wonderful experiences to be created when camping as a couple. So why not make your camping plans adventurously romantic and make the most of your time away together!


Camping is truly a magical experience as you get to reconnect with nature and spend quality time with someone special. Use the above tips to make your camping trip together an unforgettable adventure that you’ll remember for years to come. So don’t wait, make your plans and embark on an extra special journey in the great outdoors as a couple.