Incredible Tips to Securely Keep Your Dog Safe While Camping

Keeping Your Dog Safe While Camping

If you have a pup running around camp with you, it’s important to take the proper steps to keep them safe and secure. From setting boundaries to providing cozy shelter, it’s important to plan ahead to make sure your pup–and everyone at the campground–is having a fun and safe time. Read on as we share tips to securely secure your pup while camping.

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1. Establish Boundaries & Leashes

A great way to keep your pup safe at camp is to keep them close by. This can be accomplished by using established boundaries and leashes. Take the time to scout the campground for hazards that may attract your pup, such as nearby roads or other animals. Additionally, make sure your pup is wearing an appropriate collar, and set up leashes to keep them in a specific area. Establishing these boundaries can also help to reduce the risk of them wandering off, getting lost, or even worse, getting hurt.

2. Use a Camping Fence or Stakeout Cable

Camping fences or stakeout cables can be incredibly helpful to keep your pup within a given area. Before you head out camping, research online or ask friends what they use for their pup. There are a variety of collapsible, lightweight camping fences that can be used. Stakeouts, like a cable stake or tent stake, can help keep your pup from wandering too far. If you are able to use a stakeout, be sure keep your pup at least 8 feet away from it.

3. Use a Portable Shelter

Many dogs may feel at home in the outdoors, but it’s still important to provide a safe and comfortable area for them to stay in. A portable shelter can provide a secure, comfy area for your pup. Look for a kennel or shelter that has light and airy mesh windows, so that air can circulate while still providing a “den-like” feel. Look for a shelter that can be easily dismantled and stored away when not in use.

Tent and Dog

4. Bring Enough Food & Water

Dogs need plenty of clean water and food to stay healthy and hydrated while camping. Be sure to bring enough of each to last the duration of your trip. If it’s a multi-day camping trip, make sure to bring a separate bag or container for each day’s food and water. Additionally, it’s important to watch when and where your pup is eating, and to clean up after them to reduce the risk of vermin or other critters.

5. Bring Comforts from Home

Even if your pup is an outdoor enthusiast, they may still require comforts from home to feel safe and secure. Consider bringing a soft blanket, a familiar toy, or their own food bowls. Being exposed to the elements can be daunting, and having something from home to cling to can help ease your pup’s anxieties.

Dog in Tent

6. Sign Up for Dog Training Classes Beforehand

If you’re having trouble keeping your pup on-leash or within boundaries, it may be time to look into a dog obedience class. A dog training class can help you to get a better understanding of your pup, and teach you strategies to ensure your pup obeys while camping. Classes can also help to reduce the risk of bad behaviors such as barking, chewing, or digging.

7. Bring First Aid Supplies

Whenever you go camping, it’s important to bring a basic first-aid kit to cover any accidents or mishaps. Basic items such as gauze, antiseptic ointment, and a muzzle can help to keep your pup safe and healthy. Additionally, be sure to look for supplies for flea and tick prevention, and any necessary medications. It’s always better to be prepared!

Birdwatching Dog


With some advanced planning and extra safety measures, your pup can have a great time camping with you. Setting boundaries, using portable shelters and leashes, and packing first aid supplies can help keep your pup and other campers safe. Be sure to keep them engaged and entertained by playing games, going on hikes, or watching birds with your pup.

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We hope this post gave you some ideas when it comes to keeping your pup safely secured while camping. It’s important to be aware of your pup’s well-being and to plan ahead for any potential risks or mishaps. From all of us to you and your pup, have a safe and happy camping trip!