Stunningly Epic: What to Bring to a Festival Camping

Must-Have Items for a Festival Camping Trip

Are you planning a festival camping trip? Whether you’re a camping aficionado who is looking for a new countryside experience, or a new camper who’s still learning the ropes, packing the right items for a camping trip is essential. Attendees of festival camping trips usually consists of multi-generational families, team groups, and friends who are seeking jobs and thrill in the wilderness. All these groups require different supplies to enjoy a successful weekend.

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As an experienced camper and father of three, I have been to numerous festival camping trips and know the importance of packing the right items to make your festival weekend trip successful. In this blog, I will provide you a detailed guide of items you must have for your festival camping trip.

When packing for a festival camping trip, begin with the basics and then add other items which will increase your desired experience. The very first basic item you will need is shelter. Shelter can be provided in multiple options like a tent, RV/camper, and a cabin. For family trips, I suggest getting a cabin as it provides more personal space and can fit a large family. It is also a great place of storage for food items.

If you are more of an adventurous camper like me, then a tent or RV/camper will be a more suitable option, as these offer a greater sense of freedom and flexibility. But, they might not be suitable for large families or team groups. Thus, choose your shelter depending upon your group size.

When choosing a tent, consider the size you might need. Camping tents for adults usually range from 4 to 10 people, so pick one accordingly. If your family prefers to have a tent that is too big for your group, you can always use its floor to set up for another tent. You should buy durable tents; it might cost a little bit extra but it will last longer and provide greater protection. Also, bring extra tent pegs and tie downs if you plan to pitch your tent near a lake, as they will help keep the tent from blowing away in the wind.

In addition to shelter, bring other important items for your festival camping trip, such as:

  • Bed and Bedding Supplies: For sleeping either opt for air mattresses or sleeping bags. Make sure to purchase a quality air mattress with a guarantee that it will not puncture. Also, buy plenty of comfortable blankets and pillows for quality sleep.
  • Cooking and Eating Supplies: Bring suitable utensils for cooking. Make sure to keep the nature in mind and try to avoid imports that require artificial cleaning resources. Try to stick to items that are ecofriendly and will not cause any harm the environment. You can also bring canned food to save time for meal preps.
  • Lighting: Purchase credible and reliable camping light sources, like propane lanterns, kerosene lamps, gas lamps, and any type of flashlights. Make sure to provide extra batteries for them as the last thing you need is to be stuck in the dark without any source of light.
  • Basic First Aid Kit: Always remember to bring a basic first aid kit with ointment, bandages, anti-allergic/painkillers, antiseptics, and bug repellents. Additionally, if someone in your group requires specialized medication then make sure to bring it along.
  • Winter Clothes and Footwear: Make sure to dress properly according to the season. Don’t forget to bring sweaters and coats as you might not be able to predict the changing weather. Also, bring waterproof and comfortable shoes to give protection against the mud and grass. It is also advisable to bring hat and gloves to keep your head and hands warm.
  • Rain Gear: If you are camping in a monsoonal weather then rain gear and water-proof bags become an essential item. Make sure to pack well-made rain gear with a hood for maximum coverage.
  • Camping Gear: Invest in quality camping gear like a cooler, propane stove, camp chairs, pots and pans, and other necessary items. Depending on your camping items and group size, you should buy one.
  • Recreational Items: You can also bring recreational items like fishing rods, portable games, and match sticks, so that you can have some fun while camping. Moreover, don’t forget to bring a camera to capture the memorable moments of your exciting camping adventure.

Camping Essentials

Finally, make sure to keep yourself informed about the area, through news reports, weather forecasts, regulations, and emergencies. Check the area for trails, accessible roads, and nearby bathrooms. Also, register your trip with a local park authority or their respective websites to get guidance and assistance if required. Before leaving for the trip procure your own supplies & gear and lastly, ensure to leave your campsite cleaner than you found it to promote ecoconservation.

What Not to Bring
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In addition to the must-have items for a festival camping trip, there are certain items which you should not bring with you. Some of them include alcohol, drugs, firearms, large dogs, axes, and chainsaws. These items can be dangerous and can be disruptive for the other campers. Always remember that you are visiting a festival camping site to have fun and create lasting memories. Therefore, it’s better to keep these items at home and steer clear from any kind of disturbance.

Final Thoughts
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Festival camping trips can be a great way to get close to nature with family or friends. The key to success here is to properly prepare and plan for your camping trip. Make sure that you have the necessary supplies to make your trip as comfortable and convenient as possible. Remember to pack lightly but efficiently, buy the right camping gear, pick the right food items that will suit your camping plans, and keep your items organized. With the sufficient preparation, you can travel light and enjoy the beautiful sights of a countryside, while getting to experience the best of nature.

For more tips and advice about festival camping, I highly recommend this video from YouTuber Tent Time which shares the best tips on how to plan and prepare for your camping trip.

If you are looking for an exciting yet informative festival camping trip, you must ensure to purchase the necessary items and plan carefully. With this guide, I’m sure you will be better prepared and be able to enjoy a memorable bush camping experience.