Surprising Benefits of Camping: Why Do You Love It So Much?

Why I Love Camping: A Father of Three Explains All

As a father of three energetic kids, it can sometimes be difficult to find an activity that pleases everyone. That’s why I’m so thankful for the great outdoors and the amazing memories that camping has given us. With over 15 years as an experienced camper, I wanted to share my absolute favorite things about camping, and why I think it’s one of the best activities out there.

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The Beauty of Nature

From sunshine peeking through trees in the morning, to snow-covered mountains in the evening, camping provides the opportunity to experience nature in all its beauty. Whether you’re on an adventure in the outdoors, or lounging at a nearby campground, there’s nothing quite like experiencing nature in all its glory.

nature scenery

Awesome Activities

When it comes to activities, camping can’t be beat. So much can be done outdoors: swimming, hiking, fishing, going on nature walks, boating, and so much more. And, even if none of those activities interest you, you could just relax at your campsite with a good book. With all the different choices, camping is an incredible activity to get away from your regular routine and do something fun with your family.

The Unique Challenges

Camping allows you to grow as an individual and take on challenges you never would have dreamed of. From setting up and testing your camping gear, to hiking up a mountain path, camping gives you the opportunity to try something totally new and discover your true self.

camping gear

Unplugging From Technology

Another great aspect of camping is that it’s the perfect opportunity to unplug from technology and just be present. Spending time outdoors, away from the constant attention of technology, can help you bring more balance to your life. You can really appreciate the simpler things in life, like sitting around the fire with your family or taking a refreshing morning swim in the lake.

Quality Time with Loved Ones

Camping also allows for quality family time that can be hard to come by in our busy lives today. My kids remember camping trips from their childhood, and I think they will look back fondly on all the time we spent outdoors taking on new challenges and creating magical memories.

squirrel on camping campfire

Learning and Growth

Camping is a great way to teach important life skills to kids. From building a tent to learning how to make a campfire, my kids had to figure it out for themselves. It was amazing for them to discover new things about themselves and their capabilities. Plus, it’s just so much fun watching them grow and develop new skills during our camping trips.

Learning About the Outdoors

Camping has also given my family and I the chance to learn more about nature and the outdoors. From identifying trees and birds to figuring out which direction we were going while trail running, it’s been so incredible to learn more about the incredible world that we live in.


Being a dad of three, I’m so grateful for the memories that camping has given us. There’s something truly special about gathering around a campfire and sharing stories or exploring the outdoors, and it’s something that I want to pass down to my kids. So if you’re ever wondering why I love camping so much, these are a few reasons why.