Surprising Tips: How to Dry Towels Fast When Camping

The Definitive Guide to Drying Towels When Camping

Camping is an enjoyable outdoor experience, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges. One of those challenges is figuring out how to dry towels when you’re camping. Towels lack the same level of absorbency when wet as they do when dry, and they also take longer to dry due to their thick material. Luckily, there are easy solutions to make sure your towels are dry and ready for use in time.

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When it comes to drying towels while camping, there are several methods to choose from. You can opt for natural methods such as hanging them somewhere that is well ventilated, using low heat to dry them, or going for a combination of both. If you’re looking for larger solutions, many campers provide dedicated drying machines that preserve the towels’ quality and help them dry quickly. Below, we’ll go through some of the most effective solutions for drying towels while camping.

Natural Drying Methods

Hanging your wet towels will be the easiest, least expensive, and most environmentally-friendly method of drying them. Choose an area with good airflow and plenty of sunshine and be sure to keep the towels from touching each other. This will help speed up the process and ensure better absorbency. If you’re looking for additional dry heat, you can try hanging the towels near a campfire or near a stove. Just be sure to hang the towels well away from the fire, as too much heat may damage the fabric.

Portable Drying Machines

Portable drying machines are a great solution if you’re looking for a way to effectively dry towels while camping. Many campers who like to enjoy the outdoors prefer using portable drying machines, which are perfect if you don’t have access to electricity. With these machines, you can easily store wet towels and dry them without needing access to electricity or fuel. Plus, most portable drying machines come with temperature settings that make it easy to adjust the amount of heat needed to ensure towels are completely dry.

Other Options

Some campers prefer using sleeping bags and clothespins to dry their towels. By stuffing the towels in between two sleeping bags and then pinning and stretching the edges of the sleeping bags, you can create a makeshift clothesline. This is a great option if you want to dry your towels without taking up too much space. As an added bonus, these makeshift clotheslines are collapsible and they’re easy to set up and take down.

You can also use carabiners to hang the towels. Carabiners are quick and easy to attach and are ideal if you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t require you to set up a clothesline. Plus, they’re extremely durable and can be reused anywhere you choose.

Insulate Your Towels

If you’re camping in a location that has low temperatures, you may want to consider insulating your towels. This will help keep your towels warmer so they can dry faster. You can do this by wrapping towels in tarps or blankets. This will help trap some of the heat and make it easier for the towels to dry faster. Just be sure to keep the blankets secure around the edges of the towels so they don’t fall off or blow away.

A pile of colorful camping towels hanging from a rope that's hung between two trees.
A pile of colorful camping towels hanging from a rope that’s hung between two trees.

When to Hang Your Towels

One of the best times to hang your towels is at night when temperatures are usually cooler. This is also the best time to add some more insulation and make sure your towels are not exposed to the elements. During the day, when temperatures are higher, you can hang your towels in a well-ventilated spot in direct sunlight so they can absorb as much heat as possible.

Drying Aid Products

If you’re really in a pinch and need to get your towels dry quickly, you can opt for drying aid products such as fabric softeners and drying sheets. These products help reduce the drying time significantly and will leave your towels feeling soft and clean. Of course, the best way to avoid needing to rely on these products is to keep your towels in good condition and dry them properly after each use.

Image of a carabiner clipped onto a rope and towel
Carabiners are an ideal way to hang towels while camping.

Tips for Better Drying and Absorption

One of the best tips for getting your towels to dry properly while camping is to give them a good wring before hanging them. You can also roll or twist them as you hang them, which will help them dry faster. Additionally, you should make sure to wash your towels with an absorbent detergent before you use them. This will make sure they’re ready to absorb as much water as possible. Lastly, if you’re using a drying machine, make sure to switch between low and high heat to ensure the towels dry evenly.

Image of a carabiner clipped onto a rope and towel
Drying Machines are a great solution if you’re looking for a way to effectively dry towels while camping.

Wrapping Up

Drying towels while camping can be a challenge, but with a few simple methods and some patience, you can make sure your towels are dry and ready for use in no time. Whether you opt for natural methods, portable drying machines, clothespins, and carabiners, or drying aid products, you can make sure your towels are dry and ready for your next camping trip.

For over 10 years, I have been camping with my family and have become an experienced camper. I have always been creative when it comes to drying towels while camping, and I hope this guide helps you make the most of your camping trips.