Surprising Tips: How to Keep Warm During Camping (No Suffering!)

How to Keep Warm During Camping
Summertime weather often lends itself to camping trips. Unfortunately, as the sun sets and temperatures start to drop, so can the fun. You don’t have to let the chill ruin your camping experience. With the right knowledge and the right gear, you can keep the fun alive without having to worry about the cold.

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As a father of three and an experienced camper, I know how important it is to stay warm during a campout. Over the years, I’ve learned several tips for staying warm that I want to share with you. Here are my top recommendations for keeping warm while camping.

#1 Prepare your Clothing
First and foremost, make sure you’re wearing the right type of clothing. When temperatures start to drop, you need to wear the correct layers in order to stay warm. This includes wearing lightweight, thermal underwear, as well as a wool or fleece outer layer. Avoid cotton because it will make you cold in the cold weather. You also want to bring a hat and gloves, as well as two to three pairs of socks. All of these layers will keep you warmer and will protect you both from the cold and from hypothermia.

#2 Gear Up Right
Having the right gear is absolutely essential for keeping warm while camping. Of course, you’ll need a warm sleeping bag, but you’ll also need several other pieces of equipment. Bring a camping stove to keep your food warm, as well as a hot water bottle for your feet. Make sure that your tent is designed to keep you warm, and consider investing in a camping heater if you’re going to be camping in especially cold weather.

#3 Stay Dry
When it’s cold and wet, your body cools down much more quickly than normal. That’s why you need to make sure that you stay as dry as possible. Wear a waterproof outer layer, and make sure that your tent is waterproof and that no water can get in. Change out of wet clothing as soon as possible, and make sure to keep your sleeping bag dry.

#4 Stay Active
Another great way to keep warm while camping is to stay active. Take a hike, go on a nature scavenger hunt, or play a game of tag. Movement helps keep blood circulating and keeps your body warm. This is especially true if you spend the day outside. Once it starts to get dark outside, head inside or bundle up in your sleeping bag to keep from getting chilled.

#5 Warm Up with Hot Drinks
Finally, hot drinks are an excellent way to warm up on a chilly night. Bring a few warm drinks to keep on hand, such as hot cocoa, tea, or hot apple cider. Not only are these drinks affordable, but they’ll also keep you warm and cozy all night long.

Staying warm while camping can be a bit of a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. With some preparation and the right clothing and gear, you can keep the chill from ruining your camping experience. Make sure to wear the correct layers, invest in the right gear, stay dry, stay active, and warm up with hot drinks. With these tips, you can enjoy the great outdoors and stay warm at the same time.