Surprising Tips: How to Keep Warm Winter Camping Without Struggling

How to Keep Warm When Winter Camping

For a lot of people, winter camping can be exciting and challenging. Going out in the great outdoors and testing your limits is always a great adventure. But, when it comes to being out in the cold, you need to be extra prepared and be mindful of the safety hazards that come with cold weather. Winter camping can be just as safe and fun as summer camping, as long as you know the proper precautions to take. Here is a comprehensive guide to staying warm when winter camping.

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Choose the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is essential to staying warm while winter camping. Investing in quality gear and clothing can mean the difference between a comfortable night’s sleep and an icy one. Here are some of the main items you’ll need:

  • A quality sleeping bag: Invest in a bag rated for the temperature you’ll be camping in. Make sure that your bag is made of lightweight, breathable fabric, and is well-insulated.
  • A camping pad: Pads not only add extra warmth but also provide an extra layer between you and the cold ground. Look for pads rated as 4-season.
  • Extra sleeping layers: Layering is your best friend when winter camping. Pile on your base layer of thermal underwear, followed by a mid-layer of wool or a fleece jacket. Then layer with your sleeping bag and any additional blankets or thermal blankets you have. Add an emergency blanket over the top and you’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug!
  • Footwear: Make sure to bring warm, waterproof boots that will provide extra insulation and coverage.
  • Gloves and hat: Keeping your extremities warm is critical when winter camping. Make sure to bring gloves and a hat that will provide extra warmth.

Choose the Right Location

It’s important to pick the right location for winter camping. Try to find an area that’s protected from the wind and that has access to reliable shelter, food, and water sources. If you’re camping in an area that sees a lot of snow, look for an area that’s easy to navigate and has trees or shrubs that can provide natural insulation. Your local camping store can be a great source of information about safe camping destinations.

Set Up Camp

Once you’ve chosen the right equipment and right location, it’s time to set up camp. Try to set up close to a natural shelter like trees and shrubs. If you can’t find any natural shelter, create your own with tarps or tents. Make sure to use stakes to secure the tent and ensure that there are no gaps in the shelter where cold air can get in.

If you’re using a campfire for light or extra warmth, make sure to take necessary safety precautions. Place the fire away from your shelter and any flammable materials. If you’re not planning to cook, a container of water should be kept nearby to put out the fire if needed.

Keep Warm Through the Night

Staying warm through the night when winter camping is essential for comfort and safety. Here are some tips to stay nice and toasty through the night:

  • Cover all exposed skin to prevent heat loss.
  • Keep your mouth covered with a scarf or buff to keep escape heat from your breath.
  • If you feel cold, act quickly, put as many layers on as possible.
  • Eat snacks and drink warm liquids to fuel your body with extra energy.
  • Bring in extra blankets and towels from the car for extra warmth.
  • If the wind is strong, place twigs and logs around your tent to block the wind.


Staying warm when winter camping is an essential part of the experience. Preparation is key, make sure to invest in quality gear, choose the right location, and set up camp securely. Always be ready for the worst and use the extra precautions available to ensure your safety. Now that you’ve read our comprehensive guide, you’re sure to have a safe and cozy camping experience this winter!