Terrifying Scary Stories to Tell When Camping to Keep You Awake!

Scary Stories to Tell When Camping

Few experiences evoke the night-time chill quite like camping. After all, there’s something about the outdoors that makes one more susceptible for heart-racing adventures and unusual sightings. Telling a story around the campfire is a time-honored tradition and a few good scary stories can make for an even more exciting night.

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As a father of three and an experienced camper, I understand the fear with which some kids might approach a camping trip. Sometimes a great way to combat that fear is to channel it into a thrilling adventure with a campfire story. To help you out, here are some of the best scary stories to tell when camping.

The Ghost of the Lake

This classic folk tale is the most popular campfire story to tell when camping in a lake. The story revolves around a drowned girl who haunts a nearby lake and appears as a pale figure in the fog. The ghost demands that a group of campers spend the night at her lake, not allowing them to move on. Things get even more spooky when the ghost is heard singing an old song.

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The Screaming Man

This story is best told while camping in a forest or remote area. It tells the tale of a man who sometimes screams into the night, so loud that it’s heard in the surrounding towns. No one knows the source of the screams but they all agree that it’s a dreadful sound.

The particular origin of the screams depends on the geography of the area but is generally believed to be the result of a tragedy or a curse. It’s often described as the sound of a man in great pain.

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The Headless Horseman

This classic Halloween tale is the perfect campfire story to tell when camping near a graveyard or old cemetery. It tells the tale of a headless horseman who was seen chasing a group of campers. The horseman is usually an undead solder or nobleman from centuries past and the lack of a head or face makes him an even more frightening sight.

The story generally ends with the horseman vanishing when the sun rises and the campers flee in terror.

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The Witch in the Woods

This story is best told while camping in a densely wooded area or near a haunted house. It tells the tale of an old witch who creeps through the woods at night in search of her lost lover. The witch is usually dressed in white and has long dark hair that reaches the ground.

She’s said to hypnotize anyone she meets, compelling them to accompany her in her search. Those who try to disobey her spell usually end up vanishing without a trace.

The Haunted Cabin

This classic ghost story is often told while camping near a cabin or cottage. It tells the tale of a young family who moved into a cabin only to discover that it was haunted. The spirits of the cabin would knock on the doors and windows, whisper strange secrets into family member’s ears, and even move objects around the house.

The family eventually fled in terror, never to return. The cabin remains empty to this day – the perfect setting for a scary campfire tale.

The Man Who Waits

This story is best told while camping in a remote location or on a dark night. It tells the tale of a man who can be seen walking through the night, quietly repeating the same phrase: “Please, don’t go. Please, don’t go.”

No one knows who this mysterious figure is or why he repeats the same plea, but it’s enough to send chills down the spine of any camper.

When it comes to sharing good scary stories, the campfire is the perfect setting. With a mix of classic tales and modern mysteries, there’s no shortage of thrilling campfire stories to tell. So, grab the marshmallows and settle in for a heart-stopping night of campfire storytelling.