Amazing Tips to Keep Your Medication Cool While Camping

How to Keep Medication Cool While Camping: A Guide for Safety and Peace of Mind

No one wants to think of the things that can go wrong while out camping, but it’s important to plan for any eventuality as a responsible camper. For those of us dealing with medical conditions while on an outdoor excursion, it’s essential to have a plan to ensure the safe storage of our medications. It can be difficult to keep liquids safe from extreme temperatures, especially while camping, but there are a few simple steps that we can take to make sure our supplies are protected. In this guide, we’ll provide some tips and tricks that campers with medication can take to keep their supplies cool, safe, and in working condition while out in the wild.

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1. Choose the Right Cooler

The type of cooler you use makes a big difference in how well your medication survives the heat. Choose a cooler with plenty of insulation to maintain cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Most camping stores will have a range of coolers available for purchase, so it is best to pick one that offers the highest insulation capabilities. Additionally, it is wise to purchase a cooler with enough space to store all of your medication or to fit an additional bag of ice to keep temperatures down.

Cooler with medication inside

2. Invest in Cold Packs or Ice

It’s important to consider the climate when camping, as well as the duration of the stay. If the temperature outside is already quite warm, then cold packs or ice may be your best option. Cold packs work well when camping, as they are able to maintain a temperature close to the cold of a freezer. Cold packs are reusable and easy to find both in stores and online. As an alternative, you can fill a resealable bag with ice to ensure your medications are kept cold in the heat. It’s also worth investing in a thermostat to monitor the temperature inside the cooler.

Icepacks and Thermometer

3. Store Medication Separately

With the days getting warmer, hot temperatures can cause the medication to change its abilities. This could also include the medication going bad if it gets too hot. To prevent this from happening, it is best to store the medication in a separate bag from the food and outside items. You can also store the medication in a separate cooler from the food items if you have one available.

Travel clamshell separated into sections

4. Store Medication in the Right Locations

It might not seem important, but where you keep your medication in the cooler can have an effect on its temperature. Ideally, you should store the medication in the coldest part of the cooler. To do this, place the medication near a cold pack or a block of ice to keep it the coolest. Placing the medication near the front and away from the heat of the sun is also recommended. Additionally, avoiding the camping kitchen should also help keep the medication cool.

5. Be Mindful of Conditions

As a safe camper, it is important to stay aware of the conditions while camping, such as moisture and condensation. Dehumidifiers and moisture-absorbing packs help to keep moisture away from the medication and can be found in most camping stores. Additionally, compression straps or adjustable straps help to make sure that the cooler lid stays closed.

6. Carry the Right Storage Containers

Heat and direct sunlight can be dangerous when it comes to medications, so choosing the right storage container is important. If you plan on leaving the cooler in direct sunlight, make sure it is well kept and sealed. Additionally, it is worth investing in a container made of non-porous material as this helps keep the medication cooler for a longer period of time. Containers made from glass, plastic, or metal work best for optimal temperature control.

7. Prepare for Emergencies

When dealing with medication, it is always important to be prepared for any situation. Always have a spare set of medications in your car or at home just in case of an emergency. As a camper, it is also highly recommended to have a first aid kit on hand in case of any medical incidences.

8. Learn How to Dispose of Medication Safely

Knowing the correct disposal practices for medication is important for protecting the environment. This includes properly disposing of any used medications and avoiding disposal in nature. Check if your camping area has any local disposal centers and plan for safety on the way to and from the campsite. Additionally, you may also consider disposing of any containers or packaging responsibly.


As campers, it’s important to understand the risks and plan accordingly. When dealing with medications, it is especially important to stay aware and plan ahead for a safe and enjoyable camping experience. Camping with medication can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. By following these tips, you can have peace of mind knowing your medications will stay cool, safe, and in working condition while out in the wild.

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