Stunningly Simple Ideas: What to Do When it Rains During Camping

What to Do When It Rains During Camping

No one wants to experience rain during a camping trip. It can be an unpleasant surprise from Mother Nature that puts a damper on an outdoor adventure. But don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to make the most out of a camping trip, even if it’s raining.

As a father of three kids, a content writer, and an experienced camper, I’ve been caught in the rain while camping more than once. Although it can be disheartening to get wet, there are still lots of ways to make the most of your camping trip in the rain.

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Here are some tips that will make your next rainy camping trip a blast:

1. Get Prepared
First and foremost, make sure you arrive prepared with the right gear. Depending on the season you’re camping in, you’ll need a few important items.

a. Waterproof clothing
Pack waterproof rainwear that’s large enough to fit over your regular clothing. If you’re expecting heavy rain, grab a good quality raincoat for added protection. You should also bring waterproof shoes that won’t slip in wet conditions.

Camping in the rain

b. Tarps and Groundsheets
Bring extra tarps or groundsheets to cover your tent in case of a downpour. They can be secured to the ground with stakes and covered over your camping gear. If you have a non-waterproof tent, a tarp may be the difference between returning home with a soggy sleeping bag or not.

c. Campfire Materials
If you plan to sit by the campfire during the rain, don’t forget to bring waterproof matches and fire starters. Dry firewood is also important as wet logs won’t easily catch fire. If you’d like to cook during your stay, you’ll need a waterproof and windproof cooking stove.

2. Go Explore
A little rain won’t stop you from exploring the outdoors. If you’re feeling adventurous, look for a nearby river or creek. With a few raincoats and good footwear, you can brave the weather and enjoy the views.

Plus, you’ll keep yourself occupied as you look for wild animals, riverfront rocks, or even a unique swimming spot. Just remember to stay vigilant so no one gets lost or hurt in the process.

Exploring the outdoors in the rain

3. Stay Inside
When the weather refuses to cooperate, have a movie night or play board games from the safety of a tent or camper. If you don’t have electronics handy, go old school with a pack of cards, some dice, and a few sheets of paper for tic-tac-toe.

Plus, if you’ve spent most of the day believing the rain will stop, but it’s still coming down, a board game in the tent will keep everyone entertained until the skies clear!

Playing board game inside tent

4. Have Fun
What could possibly make a rainy camping trip even better? A few water-friendly games! Set up some competitions on the campsite like mini golf or horseshoes. You’ll get wet, but the fun is worth it.

Take it up a notch by setting up a homemade slip-n-slide for some slippery fun! All you need is a plastic tarp placed downhill to give your campers a powerful slide. You can also bring out the water guns and squirt balls to have some wet and wild sparring matches.

5. Gather Supplies
Don’t waste your time camping in the rain. Make the most of it by gathering supplies for future trips. Make sure to collect deadwood and bring it back to camp for use as fuel when the skies clear and you’re ready to light up the campfire.

With a few clever ideas, like collecting rainwater for cleaning and cooking, your family can stay safe and dry during a camping trip. It’s also a great opportunity to explore nature and teach children about the environment.

The Take-Away

Rainy camping trips don’t have to be miserable. When the forecast becomes gloomy, plan some inside activities and outdoor exploration. It might even become the best camping trip your family ever had!

Just be sure to pack enough waterproof clothing, gear, and supplies to make the most of the weather during your next outdoor holiday.