Amazingly Cool: How to Keep Your Tent Cool When Camping

How to Keep Your Tent Cool When Camping

Summertime is one of the best enjoyed seasons of the year; However, along with its delightful weather come extreme temperatures. As a camper, it’s important to be aware of the temperature in which you’ll be sleeping, as the warmth of a tent can quickly become too much to bear. But if you plan correctly, you can avoid the sweltering effects of the heat. Below are some tips and tricks on how to keep your tent cool when camping.

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Set-Up Your Tent in the Shade

By placing your tent in the shade, you’ll already be cutting down its long-term temperature, making it much easier (and cooler) to sleep inside. Look for a cluster of trees or other tall objects that could provide some protection for your tent. If you’re camping in an open area, it’s also recommended to bring along a canopy that’ll keep the sun off of your tent. Just keep in mind that if there’s too much shade, your tent won’t end up drying too soon after it gets wet, so make sure you look for somewhere that allows for some sunshine as well.

Open All Vents

keep your tent cool when camping

Be sure to open all possible vents when setting up a tent. This will avoid trapping the hot, humid air inside, and draw cool breezes from outside in. Small tent windows can also be opened with zippers to allow air in and out. The opening and closing of windows should be done before the sun starts to set and after the sun rises – in between, keep them closed to prevent the warm air from getting in.

Use a Ground Cloth

ground cloth

Groundcloths are an essential item for camping that will help to efficiently keep the tent’s interior temperature cool. A groundcloth will act as an additional level of protection to the tent’s walls and floor by providing insulation throughout the camping trip. This helps preserve and cool the air that circulates inside the tent throughout the night.

Get Creative With Airflow

creative with airflow

If you and your fellow campers have more than one tent, you can be creative by having one tent face the opening of the other, allowing them to share the same ventilation. This is an effective way to cool down in the hottest parts of summer. Additionally, you can get creative about tenting spots. If the main camping area is sunny, consider camping on elevated ground to get more air circulation around your tent.

Invest in Ice Packs

Ice packs are also a great way to keep your tent cool during your camping trip. Place the ice packs along the edges of your tent and the cool air from them will help to bring down the interior temperature. The same concept applies for water bottles—Place them around the tent and they will act like ice blocks but won’t need to be refilled every day.

Visit Campsites in Cooler Weather

Avoid camping during the peak of the summer season, when temperatures are at their highest. Instead, seek out campsites during the milder months. Temperatures are usually significantly more bearable during the autumn, giving you a chance to really enjoy the camping experience. Visit beaches and rivers during the less humid days, and in general, try to plan your camping trips around cooler windows of the year.

Utilize Video Tutorials

In addition to the previously mentioned tips, there are a variety of video tutorials available online that demonstrate different ways to keep your tent cool and ventilated while camping. These tutorials can be found on YouTube, and are filled with useful advice and creative suggestions from experienced campers. With a few clicks of a button, you can get expert advice that could make a world of difference during your next camping trip.


While summertime is the perfect opportunity to go and explore the outdoors, it can also be to extreme and unbearably hot. Hot temperatures inside the tent can wreak havoc on a camping trip, but with the help of the above-mentioned tips, your tent will stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. When learning how to keep your tent cool when camping always remember to look for trees for protection, open your tent windows, invest in a ground cloth and ice packs, and avoid camping during the peak of the summer season. With a few simple steps you can enjoy a much cooler and more pleasant night of sleep.