Astonishingly Easy Tips for How to Poop When Camping!

Heading: How to Poop When Camping

When camping, taking care of your body’s needs is extremely important – and that includes taking a trip to the restrooms. Whether you’re out for a weekend in a tent or you’re trekking your way to the top of a mountain, finding a safe and comfortable place to let loose can be a challenge.

This article will discuss the dos and don’ts of how to poop when camping, and how to maintain proper hygiene while also enjoying yourself outdoors. By following these tips, you can turn bathroom time into an enjoyable part of your camping experience!

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As an experienced camper and father of three kids, I’ve encountered some challenging scenarios when it comes to pooping while camping! The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always practice proper hygiene and follow proper etiquette.

Always find an area that’s away from other campers or areas with a lot of foot traffic. If you’re trekking through the wilderness, it’s ideal to find a spot that is at least 200 feet away from water sources. This will help ensure that your waste doesn’t contaminate the water.

Next, before you begin your business, make sure that you have the right tools to make your experience as comfortable and as hygienic as possible. A portable toilet can be extremely helpful and make pooping much easier. If you’re using a bag or other disposable item, always make sure to pack out whatever you bring in.

Portable Toilet

Bring a trowel with you if you’re out in the wilderness, and use it to dig a hole that’s at least 6-8 inches deep. In addition, bring along some tissue and a small container of biodegradable soap. These items will make sure you stay clean and sanitary.

Make sure to pack out all of your used toilet paper and other sanitary items before you leave. Take the time to bury all waste and make sure to pack out all your paper products.

When you’re finished with your business, make sure to clean up properly with the biodegradable soap before washing your hands in shallow water. Do your best to keep your waste on your property, and away from trails, water sources, and any structures.

Clean Up

When it comes to finding somewhere to poop while camping, your best bet is to always go prepared. Knowing how to poop when camping properly will ensure that everyone remains clean and that the environment is protected.

If you’re going out in the wilderness, it’s best to bring a portable toilet or a tent. If you’re just camping in the backyard or at a nearby campsite, you can always opt for a public restroom. If that’s not available, then it’s important to remember the basics and do your business at least 200 feet away from any water sources.

Pooping in the Wilderness

Finally, if you’re still feeling unsure about the process of how to poop when camping, take some time to watch this helpful video:

Pooping when camping doesn’t have to be a difficult, uncomfortable process. Following these tips and taking the time to make sure you take care of your waste in a thoughtful, responsible, and hygienic manner can help make your camping experience much more enjoyable.