Astonishingly Easy: What is the Best Way to Dispose of Human Waste in Camping

What is the Best Way to Dispose of Human Waste in Camping?

Camping is all about living close to nature, but when you’re out in the wilderness there are certain considerations you need to make. One of these considerations is the proper management of human waste, which is often overlooked but is essential to adhere to hygiene and safety protocols. Knowing what to do and how to dispose of human waste is an essential part of the camping experience, and here we will take a look at some of the best ways to get it done right.

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The Basics of Human Waste Disposal

One of the most important elements of planning a camping trip is preparing for the proper disposal of human waste. The best practices for human waste disposal while camping are simple but must be followed with great care. Always remember to bring a spade or trowel, a bucket, appropriate toilet paper, and any other tools needed to properly dispose of human waste. All of these items must be brought to the campsite and the waste should not be left behind.

Avoiding Pollution

One of the primary goals of proper human waste disposal while camping is to avoid polluting the environment. When human waste is left on the ground, it seeps into the soil, which could contaminate the water. Additionally, the waste may attract wild animals, which could turn to habituate to the campsite, or even worse, spread diseases to humans and other animals in the area. Too much human waste in an area can cause a health hazard, so it’s important to make sure all waste is disposed of properly.

Best Way to Dispose of Human Waste

The best way to dispose of human waste while camping is to first dig a shallow pit and line it with sturdy material such as cardboard or plastic. Once the pit has been lined, all waste should be placed inside. Cover the pit with the same lining material and then cover it with soil. Make sure to cover the hole completely before leaving the campsite. Never leave waste in the open; it is an ideal breeding ground for pests and disease.

Alternative Disposal Methods

In areas where digging a pit is not possible, using a toilet is the next best option. Toilets can be as simple as a makeshift bucket filled with water or a more permanent structure such as a platform with a makeshift composting toilet set up. Composting toilets can be quite complicated and require a great deal of knowledge and maintenance, but they are the most environmentally friendly option.

Inner-city camping, on the other hand, can easily leverage existing facilities such as public restrooms or parking lots. Portable toilets are also a viable option as they can be used at any location and offer a great solution for large groups.


When it comes to disposing of human waste while camping, proper disposal is an absolute must. Not only is it important for health and hygiene reasons, but it is also essential to ensure that the environment is not polluted. Digging a shallow pit in the ground and lining it with sturdy materials is the best way to dispose of human waste, however, there are also alternative methods such as using a toilet or leveraging existing facilities for inner-city camping trips.

It is important to note that all options should be used responsibly. Human waste should never be left unburied, and all materials used should be disposed of in appropriate waste disposal sites.