Astonishingly Fantastic Products at Kelly’s Camping Store Dee Why!

Heading: All You Need to Know About Kelly’s Camping Store Dee Why

If you’re looking for outdoor adventure gear, chances are you’ve heard of Kelly’s Camping Store in Dee Why. An Australian-owned family business, Kelly’s is proudly one of Sydney’s favorite outdoor stores, offering an extensive selection of camping and outdoor recreational products. With their focus on quality goods and exceptional customer service, Kelly’s Camping Store has been a trusted supplier of outdoor gear for almost three decades. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Kelly’s Camping Store the go-to destination for outdoor goods and supplies.

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Location & Opening Hours
Kelly’s Camping Store is open seven days a week in Dee Why, easily accessible from the corner of Pittwater Road and Howard Avenue. As a family-run busines, Kelly’s subscribes to the notion that not all stores are created equal. Located close to Dee Why beach, and many other NSW attractions, Kelly’s Camping Store has plenty of free parking, making it easy to stop in and check out the selection.

Hours are:
Monday-Friday: 9am-5.30pm
Saturday: 9am-3pm
Sunday: 10am-3pm

Products & Services
Kelly’s Camping Store is stocked with an impressive range of outdoor products for adventurers and campers at all levels. From tents, camping furniture and backpacks, to cookers, hammocks and shelter canopies, you can find all the equipment you need in store.

Kelly's Camping Store camping gear

The store also offers water filters and portable toilets, as well as a selection of GPS receivers, compasses and maps. Adventurers looking for clothing need look no further than Kelly’s Camping Store. From thermo-regulating jumpers to adaptive hiking boots, you’ll find the best clothing technology to keep you comfortable and safe while exploring the great outdoors.

Kelly's Camping Store GPS receivers and compasses

Aside from their large in-store selection, Kelly’s offers a variety of services to enhance the outdoor experience. The friendly team at the store is dedicated to helping customers find the right equipment for their next adventure, and to providing expert advice on how to use the gear. The store also hosts regular outdoor seminars and workshops, ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about camping and outdoor recreation.

Kelly's Camping Store offering outdoor seminars and workshops

You’ll also find a wide array of outdoor accessories to make your camping expedition even more stress-free. From travel bags to fire safety kits, emergency radios and air mattresses, you can rest assured that Kelly’s Camping Store has you covered.

Why Choose Kelly’s Camping Store
As an experienced camper and a father of three kids, I have often visited Kelly’s Camping Store in Dee Why for both supplies and expert advice. Aside from the easy accessibility and ample parking, the store has unbeatable prices, and the team there are knowledgeable and friendly. I always leave the store feeling comfortable I’ve made the right purchase, and I know I can always trust their staff for accurate and expert advice.

And of course, Kelly’s Camping Store offers delivery, which is always helpful when you’ve got a full car or a full family.

No matter the adventure, Kelly’s Camping Store Dee Why has you covered. With their excellent selection of products and their focus on customer service, Kelly’s Camping Store is your go-to destination for all your outdoor needs.