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Team Building: How Camping Contributes to Student Development

Team Building: How Camping Contributes to Student Development

Camping is an important learning tool and team building activity for students because it provides a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a natural environment. Some of the benefits of camping for student development include: Research conducted by Ripberger (2008) found that after-school adventure programs have increased leadership, communication, team building, and goal-setting skills….Read more

Unplugging and Reconnecting with Nature: The Mental Health Benefits of Camping for Students

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Many outdoor activities can improve well-being, including camping, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, and bird watching. These activities can provide opportunities for physical exercise, social interaction, and connection with nature, all of which have been linked to improved mental and physical health. Additionally, being in nature and disconnecting from technology can reduce stress, improve quality of…Read more

Going Green: Creating a Sustainable Camping Experience for your Students

Creating a sustainable camping experience for your students

Eco-camping is a type that focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of camping activities and promoting sustainable outdoor recreation. This can include using low-impact camping gear, following Leave No Trace principles and minimizing the use of resources such as water and firewood. Some eco-camping sites may also have additional environmental protections, such as restrictions on…Read more