Deliciously Easy What to Cook During Camping – A Guide!

What to Cook During Camping

Planning a camping trip? Then it is important to plan what you are going to cook while you are away. Unquestionably, food is the fuel that charges the energy and sparks the enthusiasm. Cooking during camping should be thought through and planned adequately. In this blog post, as an experienced camper and a father of three kids, I will share some tips about what to cook during camping.

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Tips For What To Cook During Camping

1. Plan Ahead

Before you hit the campsite, be sure to have a plan as to what kind of meals you plan to cook. Planning meals ahead of time means you only need to bring exactly what you need, without going overboard. Take into account the number of people who would be consuming the meals and calculate the ingredients according to that. Furthermore, know what utensils and cooking equipment you need to make the meals. This will help make your camping a success and a lot easier.

2. Cook Simple Meals

When cooking during camping, it is best to go for simple meals. Keep your recipes easy and try to use one-pan meals so that you don’t have a lot of washing up afterwards. One-pan meals that include ingredients such as beans, seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, and corn are a great option for camping. If you still can’t decide on the recipes, a great resource is to watch camping cooking YouTube channels that often give you simple and easy recipes.

One-pan meals

3. Prioritize Portable Food

You do not just want to carry a lot of bulky and bulky food to your camping site. It’s always better to carry food that can be easily packed and transported. Furthermore, they should be food items that are lightweight. Good food option items to have while camping are; bread, nut butter, jerky, trail mix, canned foods, granola bars, olive oil, cheese, eggs, etc.

4. Keep It Safe

Skimping on food safety can be disastrous when you are camping. Be sure to follow the basics like not leaving food out, washing your hands before cooking; washing all the utensils, and keeping them clean. Furthermore, bring separate food containers for cooked and uncooked food, and store any leftovers properly. You can add cooler areas where you can store your food so that it does not get spoiled.

5. Get Creative

Camping gives you the opportunity to be creative and resourceful when it comes to cooking. Get creative with the recipes, explore the outdoors and find ingredients that you can combine to make something unique. One example is making a Dutch oven pizza by combining a ready-made dough, garlic, spices, grated cheese, vegetables, and pepperoni. To make things easier, you can always bring your own seasonings to add a unique flavor to the food.

Dutch oven pizza recipe

6. Utilize Firewood

Using firewood to cook during camping is one of the best things that you can do. You can build your own fire, and prepare meals and snacks using it. Make sure you buy firewood from a reliable place or have it cut from around the camping site. It is best to keep the fire contained within a circle of stones. Another great option to use firewood is to grill a wide range of food. This can include meats, seafood, veggies, etc.

7. Have Fun

Another essential tip while camping is to have fun. Involve everyone in the cooking process and tasks such as preparing salads, etc. This will help reduce the workload and provide entertainment for everyone. You can even use a potluck approach where everyone can bring dishes and desserts. This will also help you save a lot of time and money.

Preparing salads


Camping can be an enjoyable and exciting experience when it comes to cooking. With proper planning, it can be a stress-free meal preparation without the hassle of carrying too much food. Using easy meals, portable foods, food safety, firewood, and creative dishes will help you in the long run with what to cook during camping. Here is a quick video summing up what to cook during camping: