Unexpectedly Awesome: What is Boondocking in Camping?

What is Boondocking in Camping?

Boondocking in camping is a great way to explore the great outdoors at an affordable price. Boondocking refers to camping without any amenities other than what you carry in with you, such as a tent, a sleeping bag, and a cook stove. It is a chance to get back to the basics and enjoy nature in its rawest form. As an experienced camper and father of three kids, I can’t tell you how incredibly rewarding it can be to get out and experience the wonders of the natural beauty around us.

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The most important thing to note when you’re considering boondocking is that it is much different than car camping. While car camping you will often be in designated camping areas with facilities like picnic tables, bathrooms, fire rings, and other amenities. Boondocking is usually done on public land away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, and you won’t be able to rely on the same comforts you usually would when car camping.

One of the greatest appeals of boondocking is the amount of freedom it offers. Boondocking is the closest thing there is to true “off-roading”, as you are completely free to explore all kinds places. What’s more, you can usually find great spots that are accessible with a regular vehicle and don’t require any special equipment. Boondocking also often provides access to breathtaking views and unique opportunities that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

But with freedom comes responsibility. Since you won’t have high-maintenance camping facilities, it’s important to come prepared with the right gear and supplies. Make sure you have enough water, food, and clothing depending on the length of your trip and the temperature in your area. It’s also important to practice proper fire safety, such as avoiding the use of firewood and only building and maintaining an ash-covered fire.

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When you’re boondocking, it’s also important to be respectful of the land you’re visiting and the other campers. Be mindful of your noise level and respect any posted signs indicating preferred times for quiet camping. You should also try to leave as little impact on the environment as possible. If you must, you can dispose of waste water in an approved, designated area or strain it and bring it home with you.

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In some ways, boondocking can be more difficult than car camping, as you need to be both self-contained and resourceful. But the rewards of boondocking far outweigh the difficulties. Boondocking provides an amazing opportunity to connect with nature, push your limits, and experience the great outdoors in a unique and affordable way.

Take a look at this video if you want to see what it’s like to go boondocking:

If you’re looking for an affordable and memorable camping experience that takes you away from it all, boondocking is a fantastic option. With the right preparation and respect for nature, you can create an experience that is truly unforgettable.

Campers gathered around a campfire