Stunningly Comfortable: What Clothes to Sleep In When Camping

What Clothes to Sleep in When Camping: A Guide for Campers

When camping, proper clothing is essential to keeping you warm and comfortable all night. While there are general rules of thumb for what to wear when camping, the choice of clothes will ultimately depend on the weather conditions and destination. In this guide, we’ll discuss several pieces of clothing that campers should consider sleeping in to maximize their comfort in the great outdoors.

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As the temperature drops outside, it’s important to find the right balance of warmth, breathability, and comfort. A good place to start would be to wear a base layer.

Layer Up the Right Way

Close-up of a woman wearing woolen clothing

In cold weather, layers of clothing are key to helping you stay comfortably warm on your camping trips. Starting with a base layer, either choose from your own underwear or invest in a pair of woolen longjohns. Woolen underwear, especially those made with Merino wool, will be the best option as they wick away moisture quickly and don’t cause any skin irritation.

If you’re camping in really cold weather, go for insulating mid-layers like sweaters or fleece jackets. For additional insulation, go with an ultralight down jacket or windbreaker. For even colder nights, opt for heavy-duty jackets like ski jackets that are fully waterproof and windproof. Be sure to layer up with hats, gloves, and scarves for added warmth.

Choose the Right Pajamas

A young woman wearing a tie-dye sleep set

What you wear to bed is the most important aspect of camping for the night. You’ll want to opt for loose-fitting clothes that will keep you both warm and comfortable. For summer camping, light cotton and polyester lounge wear is one of the best options. Long-sleeve T-shirts and joggers are great for warmth, but won’t be too hot for summer camping. For winter camping, flannel PJs and sweatpants will be the best option.

It’s also important to choose breathable fabrics that won’t make you too sweaty or uncomfortable. Look for fabrics that are moisture-wicking and don’t cause any irritation. As for colors, choose lighter colors like beige and white (for their reflective properties) that will keep you cooler at night.

Don’t Forget Your Sleepwear Essentials

A young woman wearing a beanie

In addition to the right clothing, make sure you’ve got all your sleepwear essentials. A warm camping beanie is essential for keeping your head warm and you can add extra layers like neck gaiters to help retain heat. For extra warmth around your neck and chest, a sleeping bag hood or lightweight fleece hoodie is a good choice. Thick socks and slippers will help keep your feet toasty warm.

As for sleep aids, an eye mask will help keep the light out and insulated hot or cold water bottles are a great way to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night. Finally, a sleep sack like the ones traditionally used by child campers is a great way to stay warm in a sleeping bag.

Knowing what clothes to sleep in when camping is essential for comfortable nights in the outdoors. While it’s important to keep warmth and comfort in mind, it’s also important to remember to use breathable fabrics that won’t make you too sweaty or uncomfortable. Finally, don’t forget to bring along your sleepwear essentials like a beanie, neck gaiters, eye masks, hot water bottle, and sleep sacks.