Stunningly Simple: How Big of a Generator Do I Need for Camping?

Are You Trying To Decide How Big Of A Generator Do I Need For Camping?

Camping can be a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re taking a weekend getaway or a full weeklong excursion, having the right equipment is essential for an enjoyable experience. One key piece of camping gear that many people overlook is a generator. A quality generator can provide many benefits while you’re out in the wilderness. But how do you choose the right one for your needs?

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Do You Really Need A Generator For Camping?

For many, camping is the perfect opportunity to get away from modern conveniences and experience nature in its true form. However, there are certain parts of modern life that are sometimes missed while camping. This is where a good quality reliable generator can come in handy.

A generator can provide the necessary power to keep your essential amenities operational while you are away from civilization. From charging up your phone and other electronic devices to powering heaters and lights to providing an additional source of hot water for showers and dishwashing, a generator can be a major help for longer excursions.

When it comes to deciding how big of a generator do I need for camping, consider the item that need power and the wattage requirements of each. This will help determine the size/wattage of the generator that is best suited for your needs.


Types of Generators

When it comes to generators, there are three main types that are most commonly used for camping and other outdoor activities:

  • Portable Generators: Compact and lightweight, these generators come in various sizes and watt requirements. With fuel tanks ranging from just a gallon up to 25 gallons, portable generators can provide power for everything from small items like phone chargers and camping lights up to larger items like chargers and heaters.
  • Inverter Generators: Have some advantages over traditional portable generators, including quieter operation and cleaner more efficient power. Inverter generators come with a range of wattage capacities, from the smaller, more compact models up to full size models that provide more than 3000 watts.
  • Gas Generators: Powerful and reliable, gas generators can be used to power a range of items while camping. Depending on the size of the generator, gas generators can provide enough power to run larger appliances like hot water heaters, campfires and air conditioners.


How To Calculate How Many Watts You Need

The best way to determine how big of a generator do i need for camping is to first calculate the wattage requirements of the items you plan to run. Not sure how to do this? Here is a quick and easy guide on how to calculate your wattage needs.

  1. Make a list of the items you plan to use while camping and the wattages they require. You’ll want to be sure to include any devices you want to use that require additional power consumption, such as cell phone chargers or small kitchen appliances.
  2. Take your list and add up the wattage requirements of each item. This will give you a total wattage requirement for your trip.
  3. Now add around 25% to your total wattage requirements to ensure you have power for everything you plan to use while away from home.



A generator can be a great addition to any camping trip. It provides an extra source of power for lighting, heaters, cooking, and other electronics. But in order to make sure you choose the right size for your needs, it’s important to calculate the wattage requirements of the items you wish to use and then add an additional buffer for emergencies or additional items you may decide to use.

It’s also important to note that while most generators come with safety features, proper safety precautions should be taken when operating any generator. When in doubt, it’s always best to consult with a qualified professional when it comes to technical issues such as this.

As a father of three kids and an experienced camper, I understand just how important it is to choose the right generator for your camping needs. Hopefully, this blog post has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision, as to how big of a generator do I need for camping.