Surprising and Delicious: What Foods to Bring Camping

A Camper’s Guide to What Foods To Bring Camping

We’ve all been there. The kids are excited to get to the campsite, the car is packed full with all the essential items, camping gear and supplies. But it can be daunting to contemplate what exactly you need to feed your family when camping, especially if this is your first camping trip. Not to worry! As an experienced camper and the father of three kids, I’m here to help you out with my guide to what foods to bring camping.

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The Basics

Most campers agree that the most important supplies when camping are the basics: food, water, and shelter. When it comes to food, you want to make sure you bring along items that will keep your family fed and happy, but also ones that are easy to prepare, and travel well. Here are some items to consider.


When camping, you definitely want to stock up on snack food for the family. Make sure to bring plenty of individually wrapped snacks such as trail mix, nut-based crackers, crackers with peanut butter or cheese, granola bars, and other items that don’t require cooking. Think about convenience and portability. These will come in handy for an afternoon snack or an emergency situation.



Planning your meals is definitely the key to successful camping. Bringing a variety of food options is the best way to ensure that everyone will enjoy the meals. When selecting meals, think about the cooking methods available in your campsite such as grilling, stove-top, and. foil-pack cooking. Here are some ideas for meals to bring with you:

  • Stove-top favorites such as chili, jambalaya, mac and cheese, etc.
  • Grilled items such as burgers, marinated steak or chicken, sausages and vegetables
  • Foil wrapped meals such as fish, veggies, and potatoes
  • Baked foods like lasagna, casseroles, and cobblers

Be sure to pack items that will last for the duration of your camping trip. Additionally, you’ll want to pack plenty of condiments such as salt and pepper, olive oil, butter, mayonnaise, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, and other items. Having these items on-hand can make your meals even more delicious!



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you’ll want to make sure you have some options for early morning sustenance. Breakfast burritos and breakfast sandwiches are an easy and delicious option for early morning eats. Don’t forget the all-important coffee. You may also want to bring along cereals, granola, oatmeal, muffins, and other items.



No camping experience is complete without desserts. Even if you’re just roasting marshmallows for s’mores, you’ll want to bring along some desserts that are ready to go and easy to enjoy. Consider individually wrapped items such as cookies and brownies. Individually frozen desserts such as ice cream bars or sorbets can also be a great choice.

Tips To Make Camping Meals Easier

  • Bring items that are easy to travel with and don’t require refrigeration.
  • Consider pre-packaged meal kits that you can just add water or heat and eat.
  • Bring a sufficient quantity of spices and condiments to make meals more flavorful.
  • Pack items that are easy to clean up and store after meals.
  • Consider bringing an Instant Pot or some other counter-top cooking appliance that you can use on your campsite.

Final Thoughts

With a few simple tips and tricks, your family can enjoy some delicious meals while on your camping adventure. Just remember to bring along plenty of snacks to keep everyone happy and energized. Be sure to watch the following video for some helpful tips and techniques to make camping meals even more enjoyable!

I hope this guide has given you an idea of what foods to bring camping. With a bit of planning and preparation, you and your family can have amazing meals on your next camping adventure!