Surprisingly Easy Ways to Quietly Enjoy Camping with a Generator

How to Quieten a Generator When Camping

Having access to electrical power is an increasingly important part of the camping experience. With the advent of RV living, portable generators offer a reliable way to power amenities like air conditioning, AC appliances and electronics when camping in remote areas. Unfortunately, using a generator while camping can be a noisy affair.

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If you’re looking for ways to quieten a generator for camping, there are plenty of strategies to explore. Knowing how to attenuate the noise made by your generator is a key part of enjoying the outdoors and ensuring the peace of other campers. In this article, I’ll share my experience and expertise to teach you several tricks for quietening a generator for camping.

What Causes Generator Noise?

Generator noise is caused mainly by the rotating engine and exhaust direction. It’s worth noting that models with lower engine speed run more quietly than those with higher speeds. The power output also affects the noise level your generator makes; the higher the wattage, the louder the sound.

3 Techniques for Quietening a Generator for Camping

When camping with your RV, you can use a few strategies to reduce the noise made by your generator and enjoy the peaceful outdoors. Here are three of the most effective tips for quietening a generator:

1. Position the Generator Carefully

When choosing a spot for your generator, avoid placing it near your tent or RV to ensure your comfort. Instead, think about putting it behind a wind barrier, like a bush or tree line. Also, try to set up the generator on higher ground as the sound will be amplified if the noise is emitted from a lower elevation.

Generator positioned next to trees

2. Surround the Generator with Soundproof Materials

Soundproofing materials, like blankets, mattresses, or foam insulation can reduce the noise of a generator when camping. Be sure to securely tether these items to the generator to prevent them blowing away in the wind.

Generator with soundproof materials

3. Stock up on Fuel

Fuel-efficient generators reduce the need to refuel and operations costs. Consider investing in an energy-efficient generator model or simply buy a supply of fuel before your trip, refilling the tank as needed. This allows you to keep running the generator without needing to refuel.

Generator with fuel tank

Tips for Maintaining a Quiet Generator for Camping

For quiet and consistent power while camping, there are a few simple ways to maintain your generator. Ensure regular services and keep the area around the unit clean by regularly brushing and hoovering. This helps maintain the cooling system of the generator and prevent any overheating.

This Youtube video demonstrates tips to ensure a quiet generator and offers instructions for maintenance. It also guides you on how to reduce noise levels by covering the top of the generator with a specially designed sound abatement hood.

Final Thoughts

Having access to reliable electrical power while camping is an advantage that cannot be ignored. However, operating a generator can be disruptive and can affect the peace of fellow campers. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can apply to quieten a generator for camping and maintain a peaceful outdoor experience.

By being conscious of where you locate the generator, using soundproof materials and stocking up on fuel, you can successfully reduce the noise levels of your generator. Additionally, routine maintenance helps ensure a quieter and more energy-efficient generator while camping.